We'll show you tips and strategies, plus the right software, tools & services, to start & grow your business as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our goal is to help you avoid the most common pitfalls associated with online marketing so that you can start generating decent returns and profits like never before.

marketing tips and strategies

Top marketing strategies I

Affiliates learn more

Never underestimate the power of a strong network of bloggers and other media partners who are well incentivized to promote your products.

Advertising learn more

Advertising can be both expensive and risky when starting out. But the results are often more tangible and immediate that other forms of marketing.

Social learn more

Combine high quality content with the power of social media to spread your message to reach a vast audience of potential customers on a local or international scale.

Events learn more

Get your name and brand out in front of people on a local, regional, national or international stage. A great way to make an impression.

5 questions to ask about marketing

What would you ask? learn more

Marketing is part science and part art. You have to be creative to take advantage of the right opportunities, but scientific in the way you go about things.

Understanding what is involved in promoting a business requires knowledge of not only the company and its people, but also the industry, trends, influencers, and much more. So what are the questions you need answered before you begin?

Top marketing strategies II

Content learn more

Written media forms the basis of almost all other types of marketing. Creating high quality content is one of the most important marketing skills to master.

Email learn more

Absolutely vital for making your brand "stick" in the minds of customers. Most first time visitors won't convert, but you can keep them within reach if they subscribe.

Networking learn more

No business can succeed on its own. Connections, partners, alliances, trust and authority all come from interacting with others in your niche.

Incentives learn more

Give customers a reason to return time and again. Give them a reason to tell family and friends about you, and the word will spread like wildfire.

Writing a press release

A lot goes into a writing a press release that actually gets publicity learn more

An effective press release needs to reach out and grab the reader in a matter of seconds. That reader is also, most likely, a busy journalist who has to read hundreds of other press release statements every day. Ensuring you tell a compelling and relevant story is about knowing who you are reaching out to and giving them something they simply can't refuse.

If being a regular feature on the big media platforms is something that interests you, it's time to start treating your PR campaigns like a pro.

Influencer marketing 101

Step aside tradition, influencer marketing is herelearn more

There's a new kid on the marketing blog and his name is influencer marketing. Unlike traditional celebrity endorsements that are clearly salesy in nature, influencer marketing is all about building online relationships with all the right people so that when the time comes, they can mention your brand to their audience.

If you're an introvert by nature then it's time to get out of your shell and get your business in front of the new influencers of the information age - YouTube sensations, Instagram stars, Twitter celebs, and more.

The number one eCommerce marketing strategy

Do you know exactly what competitors are doing to boost sales?learn more

There's a lot to be said for buckling down and getting on with building your own business. But what if there was a way to see exactly what competitors were doing, and how well it worked for them? If you could see what advertising, marketing and promotion strategies directly impacted their sales, it would be a lot easier to market your own store, right?

We can show you exactly how to see (in real time) what sales figures competitors are generating, and how they are doing it, in order to help skyrocket your own online sales.

Adwords for beginners

PPC advertising with Googlelearn more

While many startups and small businesses do quite well out of Google organic search traffic, it is not always reliable and prudent to put all your eggs in one basket. Knowing how to be an effective PPC advertiser could mean the difference between growth and profitability and failure.

We provide a practical and easy look at how to set up your first Google AdWords campaign, with plenty of tips and insights into how to learn quickly and avoid unnecessary wastage of time and money.

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