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Finding the best deals on Amazon (regardless of whether it is for the home or business/office) is about gathering & analyzing sales, coupon and price data to empower informed buying decisions aimed at saving money and spending wisely.

There are a whole bunch of well established price tracker websites that monitor changes in prices for products over time. These can help shoppers decide if they're getting a good deal or not by providing a price history with which to compare the current price.

Basically they can tell you if something is selling for $60 today, but it was available at $40 yesterday you're not getting a good deal. Or, conversely, if it was selling at $60 yesterday and it is priced at $40 today, you are getting a good deal.

Deals & Discounts on Home Office Equipment

I'm starting a side hustle and I want to kit out my home office with everything I need to get my business up and running cheaply - from deals on a desk and chair to PC (or laptop), printers, stationery... you name it.

The trick to finding the best deals is not necessarily to shop around, but to know the price of all the items you need on a big online retailer, like Amazon. It's actually quite easy to do this. We've all heard of price trackers, like RankTracer right?

WAH with your own freelance writing job. Pic by Evelina Ander

Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to hire yourself as a freelance writer and turn that part-time job into a successful business that earns decent money and gives you the freedom to work from home (or anywhere you want).

The Internet has an insatiable demand for content, making freelance writing one of the most popular WAH (Work At Home) job choices for thousands of bloggers and journalists around the world. This is because virtually every aspect of digital marketing relies, to some degree or another, on great underlying content.

The best software for online business. Pic by Guy Sie.

We've put together a dream team list of the best software and services designed to help start and grow a small (online & home) business easily and cheaply, with as little admin and effort as possible.

To improve your chances of successfully starting an online business (especially if it's an eCommerce store) it's vital to select not only the best individual software solutions (& services), but also the ones that work and integrate seamlessly with each other.

Unfortunately, it's not always easy to do this.

Small Business Accounting Software Reviews. Pic by Matthew Hine

Bookkeeping, taxes, accounting, and a host of other financial and administrative tasks are vital to keep your small business running smoothly and profitably - even if you hate having to spend countless hours doing it.

In order to stay competitive, companies (in particular, home businesses or small businesses without the resources to hire a dedicated accountant) need to make use of cutting-edge online accounting systems (i.e. cloud based) that offer huge potential for integrations that can save a lot of man-hours.

SEO Guide. Pic by Dinukshan Kuruppu

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important because it can mean the difference between capturing high page rankings in Google, for relevant keywords, and remaining undiscovered and anonymous.

Web traffic is the lifeblood of any blog or business that relies on the Internet to generate leads and make sales. Organic traffic from search engines is generally the largest (and most valuable), single source of traffic making it a vital component of any successful online venture.

How to earn a passive income online. Pic by John Haler

The Web is arguably the best medium from which to earn a passive income because content, software and online services can persistently drive traffic and revenue for years at a time.

In other words - build once; earn indefinitely.

The downside is that because there is this great potential to make money, a lot of people are trying it. And, with a lot of people, comes a lot of competition that makes starting out tricky. One thing's for sure; if you're not prepared to put in work upfront, forget about earning a passive income online.

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Making holiday travel plans can be hard - especially if you don't know the country, their facilities, where the best places are, or how to get around.

Create an app that allows tourists to choose the places they want to visit, specify how long they're staying, the ambience (i.e. romantic, adventure, etc), and what their budget is. Use that data to help them book and plan their entire trip from one place.

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Offer this time and money saving app for free. Make money off affiliate relationships with hotels, airlines, tour operators, and everyone else who will want to advertise on your platform.