Which is better - Wix, Webs, or Weebly?

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After deciding that a good website builder (either Weebly, Webs, or Wix) would cut down on development costs as well as get us operational faster than custom design, we are ready to get started.

In order to take the next step, I would like to know which of the aforementioned solutions is the best one? Is there anything conclusive that will help us to make a decision one way or another, or are all systems much the same?

Also, it would be nice if you could tell us whether our decision to use a site builder over custom development is the right one.

Website builders are an excellent option for business websites

For a business without a good amount of technical expertise and Web experience, it is virtually impossible to create a website that is technically better than the ones available from the leading online website builders.

Popular website builders have teams of Web geeks working on them behind the scenes to ensure the latest technologies are leveraged to provide you with a state of the art website (think along the lines of responsive Web design, HTML5, rich media, and so on).

While the top 3 website builders all have great attributes and performance, there are slight differences, as the following SEO analysis shows:

Rank Software YSlow PageSpeed Load Time
1 Weebly 80 89 0.98
2 Wix 84 95 1.70
3 Webs 75 28 0.82

I should point out that, in terms of SEO, the quality of your content will ultimately play a much greater role in determining page rankings and position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) than the slight differences between the platforms.

There is a good comparison between Wix and Weebly that highlights some important differences between the two platforms and may help you to make a decision between those two - depending on your requirements.

In terms of overall brand popularity (which is a fairly good indicator of overall quality), you can see from this Google Trends graph that Wix is the most popular, followed by Weebly and Webs:

Finally, using a website builder is an excellent choice for a startup putting up its first website for many reasons, including:

  1. faster to develop
  2. cheaper than custom Web development
  3. less technically challenging
  4. well designed
  5. up-to-date, cutting edge technology integration
  6. reliable
  7. great SEO
  8. good speed and performance

You can also browse a list of the best free website builder trials, which includes the leading eCommerce website builder.