How much Web traffic do I need for a good residual income?

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I want to start an online blog or business to provide my household with a second income or passive income stream.

I understand that the more Web traffic a site can generate, the more money can be earned. Is there a traffic threshold that a site must reach before I can expect a reasonable amount of profit?

For example, how much Web traffic does a blog need to make around $1000 per month?

Web traffic is proportional to earnings but...

It's important to understand that in order to profit online, you need a good business plan. In other words, work out who you are going to target, what you will provide (i.e. information, services, products, subscriptions), why they should use you, how big the market is, and so on.

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The specific amount of revenue you can earn on a monthly basis depends on the type of blog or website you have, and the niche industry or topics it covers.

For example, blogs about celebrities generate enormous volumes of traffic, but don't necessarily convert this traffic into as much revenue as, say, a blog about high tech gadgets.

Basically, some niches generate more revenue than others because there is more industry behind them.

If you can get to the top of the organic search results for topics that are highly relevant to businesses that are willing to pay for exposure, then you will profit.

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