David Mercer



I am the founder of SME Pals - a blog dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners start and build their businesses online. A lot of what I write about is stuff I have found useful in the course of starting nearly ten businesses (some of them have even been successful).

Software services and products I designed and built are relied upon by companies (big and small) operating in over 60 countries around the world.

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I have written many books on Web development, programming and online business (here are a few):

You can learn more about my books and writing at:

I have written articles for many leading blogs, news and industry websites, including:

and have also been quoted as an expert on wide array of sites including NBC News, Yahoo, HuffPost, MSN, NFIB, and many more.

In addition to blogging about startups, business, and technology, I consult to various companies around the world offering bespoke solutions to highly specialized and complex problems. Basically, I sit around thinking and (hopefully) come up with efficient and elegant solutions that I either implement or hand off to the startups/companies who need 'em.