David Mercer



I am the founder of SME Pals, and love helping entrepreneurs and business owners start and build their businesses online.

I hold a double cum-laude degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, which I earned while writing books (to pay for my studies) on programming and development. Those books have subsequently been translated into over 13 languages, published globally, and used as recommended readers in places like MIT.

In addition to blogging about startups, business, and technology, I consult to various companies around the world offering bespoke solutions to highly specialized and complex problems. Basically, I sit around thinking and (hopefully) come up with efficient and elegant solutions that I either implement or hand off to the startups/companies who need 'em.

My latest project involves an Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) hybrid solution to the multiple travelling salesman problem (mTSP) using OO PHP - and, to be honest, a whole mish-mash of heuristic algorithms; some well understood, and some of my own devising (and therefore not so well understood - least of all by me).

As mentioned, I'm a recognized technical author and expert on programming, development, and online business and you can check out a selection of some of my published tech books on Amazon.