What are 3 quick ways to earn an income online?

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I am looking for great ideas to make money from the Internet - so that I can do it from home, between work hours.

I have some Internet experience so I can probably get a decent website or blog up and running quite quickly, but I still need a few great ideas to get started.

What are 3 of the best ways to generate revenue from a website or blog, or some other online enterprise?

Ideas on how to make money quickly

There really are a stack of ways to earn a living from the Internet. There are a huge range of startup ideas that can bring in a reasonable income.

I recommend you read the following articles to get some inspiration for the type of small business startups that are popular:

However, I would say that the 3 quickest ways to earn online are the following:

  1. Dropshipping: A drop-shipper will fulfill orders for products you generate. All you have to do is sell brand name items on eBay, a blog, or a Website. Start immediately.
  2. Second hand sales and auctions: Sell second hand items around the house on eBay, Craigslist, etc. Offer to sell stuff for friends, and take a commission.
  3. Advertise, convert, sell: If you have a product you know people will buy, set up an eCommerce page, advertise it on Google, StumbleUpon, FaceBook (or wherever you think is best), and get selling. Earn more than you spend in ads to make money instantly.

Bear in mind that the fastest way to generate cash online may not be the same as the best way.

Going for a quick money-making scheme might not necessarily lead to a long term, stable income.

In fact, many spammers use a business model called "churn and burn", which refers to the practice of spamming Google to quickly climb page rankings and then abandoning the site once Google penalizes it - skimming a bit of profits and starting over again.

Nevertheless, exploring fast ways to bring in an income is both exciting and a great way to learn about online business.