Top 10 kids desk chairs

Top 10 Kids Desk Chairs (for Young Entrepreneurs)

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We've scoured hundreds of bestselling desk chairs for boy and girls and put together a top 10 list that will suit kids of any age and size (as well as your budget).

All kids chairs included in our list must have an average rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars, or higher.

In addition, they must also have a decent number of reviews (unless they are brand new on the market) to provide a true overview of the quality and value of each chair.

We've also focused on diversity by including chairs for girls, boys and toddlers, incorporating a range of functionality and pricing (starting under $50).

1. Mount-It! Kids Desk & Chair Set

Price: $115
Rating: 4.8 /5 stars from 20+ reviews

This incredibly flexible table is a great long term buy because young kids won't grow out of it too quickly.

The table and chair height can be adjusted to grow the workstation with your child, from 3 to 10 years.

One the nicest features is the large sliding storage space under the desk along with hooks and a pencil holder to help keep things nice, neat and organized.

Here's what a grandmother had to say about the set she purchased for a birthday.

Our grandson had no difficulty in raising chair and desk to the appropriate height and started using it immediately. Very sturdy and should last him as he grows. The grey and white color is very nice.

Comes in 3 colors - grey, blue and pink.

2. GreenForest Desk Chair

Price: $60
Rating: 4.3 /5 stars from 400+ reviews

This chair is height adjustable and can swivel 360 degrees.

Incredibly, it comes with a lifetime warranty that should put your mind at rest (pretty rare, given the brutal treatment kids furniture usually receives).

Comes in wide range of bright, fun colors - blue, red, yellow & green.

Some assembly is required, however one buyer had this to say about it.

My 5 year old was able to put it together with my help in 3 minutes. The directions are simple & clear. You don’t really need them though.

Ultimately this chair is popular because the fish bone back design makes it super comfortable, breathable, sturdy and can survive the abuse kids throw at it.

3. SIDIZ Ringo Home Study Desk Chair

Price: $299
Rating: 5 /5 stars from 10+ reviews

The Ringo features a growing function that allows it to adjust to your child's body as they grow.

Four different level settings make it suitable for kids from 3'6" up to 5'5", which gives you a fairly decent amount of usage before it's outgrown.

Replaceable back and seat covers mean you can keep the chair clean easily.

The Ringo has won some major international design awards for its wide array of slick features. It includes a gas lift to help kids adjust the seat height, foot rest and adjustable back-rest.

Comes in blue, green and pink as well as Disney Princess, Captain America & Iron Man.

4. SitRite Ergonomic Kids Office Chair

Price: $150
Rating: 4.5/5 stars from 150+ reviews

The SitRite has genuinely easy assembly that should take no more than a few minutes - it only involves two steps.

Suitable for children 4+ and can carry a maximum wait of up to 300lbs.

Full featured and ergonomically designed. It's height adjustable and can swivel 360 degrees with a detachable footrest (depending on what is more comfortable) and rounded armrests.

One mom had this to say.

I love these chairs, but more importantly, my boys love them. I wanted to give them a good place to do their homework and these chairs worked out perfectly. They love that they can rest their feet on the footrests and that they are just the right size. I was surprised they were so reasonably priced, too.

Comes in a wide range of cool colors, such as Glowing Orange, Rosie Pink, Ocean Blue, Gray, Green, Piano Black and Ruby Red.

5. Disney Chair Desk

Price: $35
Rating: 4.5/5 stars from 800+ reviews

This chair desk combo is recommended for little ones from 3 - 6 years old and up to 50lbs in weight and has a number of design features that make it super easy for kids to access and use.

Bear in mind that some assembly is required.

A scratch resistant finish protects the colorful Disney related designs and graphics.

One mom had this to say.

My 2 year old son is autistic, and his therapist recommended this chair for him. I didn't have much hope that he would sit in it. He is very strange about stuff like that. But, he loves it! He will slide in and watch TV, eat his snacks, and best of all, they use it in therapy to do puzzles, etc. Its a great price for the sturdiness and size.

You might also consider this option if you're thinking of matching it with other Disney related furniture items for the kids. Comes with beds, toy boxes, chairs and tables all with the same design and theme.

6. Office Factor Kids Chair

Price: $90
Rating: 4.7/5 stars from 20+ reviews

Ergonmic design makes this chair comfortable while helping kids sit properly and supporting correct posture.

Five sets of wheels makes this chair easy to move around while remaining very stable and safe for kids.

A sturdy, durable and stable chair that provides a more stylish and elegant option for kids.

One parent had this to say.

I was looking for a relatively inexpensive desk chair for my six-year-old, and I needed one that rolled. This was the only one I saw that had plenty of wheels for stability plus PINK wheels, which was too perfect. The chair matches the pink top on the desk, which is a bonus.

Comes in pink, white, grey and blue.

7. ApexDesk Little Soleil

Price: $112
Rating: 4.2/5 stars from 20+ reviews

Safety is always important. This chair comes with a discretionary lock that can limit the amount of swivel making it safer for smaller kids. It's adjustability makes it a perfect choice for growing kids.

Seat height, depth and backrest can be adjusted independently with ease using lock knobs.

One reviewer had this to say about finding a suitable desk for petite adults.

I had a hard time finding a chair for my home office that was low enough for the desk, and also that wasn't too deep for my short thighs. I'm thrilled that this chair fits under the desk and is low enough so that my feet are flush on the floor.

Comes in blue, green and pink.

8. Coavas Gaming Desk Chair

Price: $100
Rating: 4.7/5 stars from 5+ reviews

Kids are going to play online games. That's not such a bad thing anymore. Have you seen how much money top players earn these days? Might as well let them do it comfortably and in style.

Upgraded fabrics mean that back and seat rests don't deform and are more dirt resistant.

One reviewer has this to say.

Nice quality chair. Easy to put together. Comfortable. Smooth rolling. Looks good. What more could you want?

Rotates 360 degrees, can be adjusted in height from 37" to a shade of 41" and comes with a 6 month warranty.

9. GreenForest Student Chair

Price: $47
Rating: 4.3/5 stars from 130+ reviews

Great features for a student's chair that'll set you back less than $50. For example, it boasts a full 360 degree swivel with pneumatic seat adjustment to raise or lower the height of the chair.

Some assembly is required and one reviewer recommends sitting in the chair lightly and then re-tightening the bolts to ensure a stable and sturdy construction with no wobbling.

Ergonomic back support and comfortable design make this chair perfect for kids who are spending more time studying.

Here's what one dad had to say.

This chair is cute and perfect for my daughter's new school desk. 4/5 stars because i found it difficult to put the back on by myself and it was very loose. You definitely need an extra set of hands to hold it together and tighten two nut/bolt sets with an Allen wrench.

Update: After closer inspection, the chair was loose because I simply did not tighten it enough. After all is said and done, I still love this chair.

Comes in turquoise, pink or purple.

10. Furmax Gaming Chair (for Teens & Older)

Price: $138
Rating: /5 stars from + reviews

Serious gamers ask a bit more from their chairs. The Furmax comes standard with extra-thick padding over PU leather for support and comfort.

Be warned though, it has a slightly longer assembly process than most chairs due to the higher number of parts.

Rocks backward and forward and an adjustable backrest can drop down 180 degrees for napping.

One of the reason Furmax is so well reviewed is that it comes with free replacement or money back guarantee for any quality problem within 30 days and free replacements for any installation problems.

Here's what one reviewer had to say.

Changed to 5 stars as the replacement part arrived. Instead of sending me a new button, they sent the entire arm. Very quick shipping considering the chair itself came from China. I highly suggest this company. I LOVE this chair and the customer service that came with it.

Comes in black or blue.

After reading hundreds of reviews on hundreds of different chairs aimed at kids - from toddlers to teens - the two most important factors we came across were:

  • Toddlers and young children needs chairs that are extremely safe to use. No sharp parts. Low to the ground. Etc.
  • Older children need chairs that are more comfortable and adjust easily as they grow.

It's also worth noting that parents who bought desk chairs for their kids often wrote reviews about how difficult or easy the chair was to assemble. Very good chairs lost a star or two if they were difficult or had problems during assembly. We did point out chairs that had longer assembly times in our list above to forewarn you.

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