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Blog post ideas. Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

Unlimited Blog Post Ideas! Seriously, You'll Never Struggle for Ideas Again

Get unlimited blog topic and blog post ideas any time you like. Social media post ideas? No problem. Learn how to come up with creative catchy titles for any purpose in under 10 minutes.

Right now you're probably thinking I'm crazy. How can anyone possibly promise unlimited blog post ideas. No-one is that creative that they don't run low on inspiration from time to time.

You're right. No-one is that creative on their own. Least of all me.

But what if there was a way to put twenty creative people into the room with you (not in a silent, creepy way though) and have them brainstorm with you on each and every topic you're interested in?

Brainstorming as if there are 20 creative people in the room with you is easy using ideate bot - an online tool designed to power up your creativity. Best of all, it's free.

If you've been struggling to come up with interesting and engaging content ideas that will help drive traffic and ultimately grow your brand/following/business, then this is what you've been waiting for.

I tried it out and came up with 20 fantastic new blog post ideas (aimed at bloggers and other online influencers) in under 10 minutes.

Skip ahead to the section entitled How It Works if you're more interested in getting started right away.

20 New Blog Post Ideas (In Under 10 Minutes)

Here are the 20 blog ideas I came up with in under 10 minutes. There are probably hundreds of great content ideas still lurking in the raw ideas I generated using a single ideate bot ideation.

As an exercise, check out the raw ideas I used below and see if you can come up with more of your own.

  1. 10 Reasons You Should be Reading Blogs Like Yours

  2. How These Bloggers Managed to Thrive in a Saturated Market

  3. 6 Marketing Pros Share Their Unique Brand Innovations

  4. 100 Remarkable Resources to Update Your Marketing Strategies

  5. This Top Social Media Marketing Agency Shares Advice for First Time Bloggers

  6. 15 Constructive Facts About Marketing a Vlog

  7. A Groundbreaking Way to Brainstorm New Blog Ideas

  8. Use These Ins and Outs of Blogging to Get Ahead

  9. An Innovative Survival Guide to Networking for Bloggers

  10. 7 Outrageous Facts About Operating a Blog (You Should Known Before Starting)

  11. 5 Unusual Lessons I've Learned From Blogging

  12. A Unique Guide to Conceptualizing New Blog Post Ideas

  13. A Sensible Guide to Ranting on Your Blog

  14. Top 50 Blogging Experts Share Motivational Quotes for Influencers

  15. Learn the 5 Captivating Secrets of Successful Bloggers

  16. How to Know if Monetizing Blog Posts is Right For You

  17. 3 Dangerous Things No One Tells You About Blogging

  18. A Beginner's Guide to Great Blog Organization

  19. Will 'Make the Sale' Type Blog Posts Work For You?

  20. A Strategic Guide to High Earning Blog Topics

How It Works

The process of coming up with new blog post ideas, or any type of new idea for that matter, is called ideation.

Ideations are built around a core of seed concepts that are closely related to the topics you want to target. In order to focus your ideas on a specific niche, you need to come up with a short list (no more than 5) of seed concepts.

If you're unfamiliar with ideation, check out ideate bot's beginner guide to learn more about how your creative brain works - from the storyteller in your head to the semantic map in your mind.
If you want to follow the same process to come up with your own post ideas, you'll need to first create a free ideate bot account.

Seed Concepts

For the purposes of this example, I wanted to come up with topic ideas aimed at bloggers and influencers to help them create a stable of fantastic anchor posts that would serve as a solid foundation for growing their audience.

I used a few generic seed concepts (i.e. blogging & blog post) and then focused on topics and ideas.

I used a bit of inside knowledge of ideate bot here because instead of spreading my seed concepts too wide, I knew I could rely on my choice of topics (see Settings below) to blend in some marketing concepts.

  • blogging
  • blog post
  • blog topics
  • topic ideas
  • blog ideas
Full disclosure: This wasn't my first ideation. It takes a little bit of practice to get the knack for it and really start boosting your creativity. Once you do, the results are pretty amazing.


While Writing is an obvious choice of primary topic for an ideation on blog ideas, I also included Marketing to give the raw ideas an extra dimension.

I also wanted a diverse array of idea types, so I included everything from Guides, to Lists and How-tos.

  • Topic: Marketing, Writing
  • Type: Guide, List, Informational, How To, Case Study
  • Creativity: 5. Creative

I chose to leave the creativity level at 5 out of 10 for a balanced mix of focus and out-the-box thinking.

Raw Ideas

This is where your creative brain, science and technology collide.

ideate bot presents short lists of raw ideas that you use as flashcards. They're often weird or counter-intuitive. This is done on purpose to stimulate counter-intuitive semantic associations in your own brain.

Essentially, it's a way to bypass your logical brain and engage the creative storyteller in your left brain (responsible for confabulation). Again, I recommend you check out ideate bot's beginner guide to learn more about how the brain's storyteller works.

Raw ideas are purposefully obtuse because they need to prevent your brain from understanding the semantic intent of each idea instantly.

You can try this out for yourself quickly right here. Instead of jumping to your own ideation, quickly browse over each of the ideas listed below. See if they spark a creative, unusual or counter-intuitive idea in you.

Remember to pause for a few seconds after reading each one to give your brain time to confabulate a creative new thought.

  1. No One Tells You Increase Revenue Blog Ideas

  2. 10 Reasons to Learn Related Blog

  3. 101 Signs Brand Management Achieve Permalink That Http

  4. A Beginner’s Guide to Pay My Sidebar Http

  5. A Comprehensive Guide to Coach to Blog Post

  6. 10 Strategies to Local Seo Company Consult New Essay Enlightenment

  7. The Ins and Outs of Manage Angle to Entries

  8. How Join Ben Bradley (politician) Define in 93 Days

  9. How Incentive to Oost Posting Interpret in 12 Days

  10. No One Tells You Praise That Microblogging

  11. An Objective Add Value About Glossary of Blogging Survival Guide

  12. 100 Remarkable Resources to Market the Journal Updates

  13. 6 Pros Share Their Unique Innovate Diary

  14. Social Media Marketing Agency Advise and Rant for Bloggers 101

  15. 15 Facts About Video Marketing Construct the List of Blogs

  16. A Novel Guide to Manufacture Her Blog Post

  17. The Writers' Guide to Brainstorm for Blogging

  18. The Ins and Outs of Clarify Blog Ideas

  19. A Sensible Guide to Incentive Topic Ideas to Concepts

  20. A Groundbreaking Guide to Brainstorm in Blogging

  21. A Clear Master Blog Ideas Survival Guide

  22. The Ins and Outs of Move Ahead Blog Topics to Http

  23. Why You Move Ahead When Boost a Eds Blogger

  24. 7 Outrageous Facts About Operate Blog Post

  25. An Unusual Guide to Acquire Her Blog Post

  26. An Innovative Network My Rant Survival Guide

  27. 25 Intriguing Strategies to Organize Writer That Blogger

  28. Where to Find Build Her Posted

  29. An Eccentric Guide to Operate Eds

  30. A Strategic Create Wealth Topic Ideas About Philosophical for Bloggers Survival Guide

  31. Is Make the Sale Blog Topics for Facebook Right For You?

  32. A Beginner’s Guide to Organize Blog

  33. No One Tells You Praise with PlayStation Blogger

  34. 1 Ways to Know if Monetize Blogging Posts Http is Right for You

  35. 5 Captivating Secrets to Learn Their Idea

  36. 10 Suggestions for Discuss History of Eugenics of Philosophical

  37. The Top 55 Network on Sidebar Compared

  38. Top 50 Experts Share Motivate Livejournal

  39. A Sensible Guide to Advise the Rant Posts

  40. A Unique Conceptualize Your Topic Ideas Thoughts Survival Guide

  41. An Unusual Guide to Lessen and Blog Topics

As you can see, a lot of the prompts are fairly difficult to comprehend at first glance. That's on purpose. If you understand the sentence immediately, your brain isn't forced to try and make sense of it.

The act of trying to make sense of something activates the storyteller in your brain, your built-in engine of association. It's this association that sparks creativity. It's what you're after.

I'll admit, it can take a little bit of practice. This actually wasn't my first attempt at using ideate bot to come up with new blog post ideas. It gets easier very quickly so stick with it. The payoffs in terms of speed and quality of new ideas is enormous.

For anyone on the lookout for creative inspiration, this is the ideal tool for bloggers, creative writers, and influencers looking for catchy post titles. It's also perfect for marketers wanting to inspire their customers to action through great storytelling.

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