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    What you learn here empowers you to use a wide range of digital marketing strategies.

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  • Small

    $999 pm
    • SEO audit
    • Competitor analysis & insights
    • Identify search marketing gaps
    • Identify content marketing gaps
    • Identify outreach opportunities
    • 1 original SEO article

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  • Medium

    $2999 pm
    • Everything in the Small plan
    • Brand ambassador
    • Influencer development
    • Email marketing analysis & insights
    • Sales funnel analysis & development
    • 2 original SEO articles

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  • Enterprise

    $5999 pm
    • Everything in the Medium plan
    • Advanced marketing strategies
    • New campaign development
    • 3 original SEO articles
    • 1hr Skype consult
    • 1 press release & pitch

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Choosing a Plan

Here are a few of the top sites SME Pal's content is regularly featured in.

All our search marketing plans work on a month-to-month basis and the only difference is the scope of work we undertake.

  • Small: Analysis & insights based on what you already have. Essentially, we look at what you're doing and highlight areas to improve - with a strong focus on the best returns for the smallest cost/effort.
  • Medium: Expanded analysis and insights with some active SEO elements. Including media mentions (if applicable) and one original search optimized article that you can publish, or we'll pitch on your behalf.
  • Enterprise: Intensive SEO strategy and search campaign development including one-on-one consult via Skype and at least one press release pitch monthly.

Choose the Small plan if you want expert SEO advice and guidance that you implement. Choose the Medium plan if you want to retain control of the bulk of your search marketing efforts but benefit from some professional optimization. Choose Enterprise if you would like a partner to lead your search marketing efforts and produce and pitch strategic content on your behalf.


Get all the advice, information, tips and guidance you need to become a search engine optimization pro.

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    Explore a wide variety of beginner & advanced SEO guides on a range of topics (from ideas to strategy and growth) that should give you plenty to learn in your own time.

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SEO Tools

Use the same tools the top search marketing companies use. Generate explosive growth by driving more traffic & converting better.

  • Analyze competitors' backlinks and SEO keywords using SEMRush
  • SEO Keywords & Competitor Research

    SEMRush allows you to discover which of your competitors are ranking in Google for high value SEO keywords.

    Analyze the top ranked sites in your niche using SEMRush to understand how and why they are dominating. This sheds light on what will be required to compete.

    Analyze a competitor or use SEMRush's built-in SEO keyword tools right now.

    Incorporate SEMRush data into your SEO and use it to create a strategic advantage for any search marketing campaign.

    Note: You are able to use SEMRush for free by signing up. However, the free plan is limited to 10 requests per day - thereafter a paid plan is required.

How to Drive (Free. Organic. Search.) Traffic to Your Website

There are a lot of gimmicky SEO & marketing strategies out there. Directory listings. Comment spam. PBNs. You name it.

Avoid them!

Drive valuable organic traffic to a business website or blog with one foundational principle that forms the basis of all other online marketing strategies - from SEO to email to social media.

Understand your niche market better than anyone else using SEO keywords & competitor research.


  1. Who your readers/customers are.
  2. Who your competitors are.
  3. What content they are producing.
  4. How well they are ranking for specific keywords.
  5. Why they are ranking.
  6. Who links to them.
  7. How they are getting backlinks.
  8. How you can get those backlinks.

This is inexpensive (a small fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing agency to do the same thing) and easy to do using only two tools - Google & SEMRush. Here's how.

Getting Traffic to Your Blog/Site

  1. Identify a handful of keywords you want to rank for in Google (See "Keyword Research Quick Start" in Blog Marketing).
  2. Build a list of the sites that rank well for those terms (by searching those keywords in Google).
  3. Use SEMRush to analyze each competing site and discover why they are ranking (See "Advanced SEO" in SEO).
  4. This information helps you understand what type of backlink profile you'll need to compete for free organic traffic and who might also link to your content (i.e. if certain sites link to your competitors they might also link to your content).
  5. Create great content that targets the keywords you're after (see Blog Marketing).
  6. Build relationships with people who link to your competitors (see Influencer Marketing).

Rinse. Repeat (with a new set of keywords).

Questions? Need help? Ask.

SEO & Marketing Guides

Cut out expensive SEO services by learning how to optimize your website and content to dominate Google search results to drive valuable organic traffic to your site.

SEO uses a diverse range of strategies and techniques, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines, in order to help Web properties capture relevant, high page rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Because SEO is a relatively new industry there are a lot of misconceptions, myths, half-truths, cons, and pitfalls waiting to trip up the unsuspecting webmaster. That's why we have compiled this comprehensive guide that will cover:

Digital marketing tools

Mastering digital marketing skills in-house using the top tools means cutting out expensive 3rd party marketing agency middlemen.

Introduction to digital marketing

Online marketing can be thought of as a loosely related set of strategies (like blogging, social sharing, SEO, influencers, etc) used to reach out and drive traffic in order to increase conversions and revenue.

How to make money blogging

Treat each blog post like its own startup business that you research, plan and work on until it's awesome enough to launch and generate revenue.

Viral social media marketing

Viral content is the dream! Unfortunately, like many dreams worth chasing, it can pretty hard to come by. But that shouldn't stop anyone from trying.

Marketing strategies

It's important to invest time and money into the most effective marketing ideas to bring the highest returns for your business.

Influencer marketing

Imagine you could hire a Jedi to sell your products and reach out to new people using their famous mindtricks.

Content & influence

Use a hybrid content & influence based strategy to build trust and authority. Increase reach, generate buzz and build relationships with important influencers leading to more organic search traffic from Google.

Digital marketing tools

Most good journalists and news editors are completely overwhelmed with spammy outreach emails. Learn how to cut through the clutter and drive valuable media coverage.

Email marketing

Dazzle email subscribers with beautiful email templates to maximize conversions. Easily manage your growing list and benefit from extremely high delivery rates.

Word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing relies on the natural tendency of people to talk about their experiences with a business and promote it organically in the process.

Sales funnels

Are you trying to come up with a way to maximize conversions and sales from your website? A proper sales funnel can help, big time.

Link building for SEO

Making sure your site enjoys the benefits of high quality, relevant back-links is about more than waiting for nature to take its course.