5 top Web design tips to increase website traffic

Since performance and speed are important to SEO (and therefore website traffic originating with organic search), Web design plays a crucial role in how well a website ranks in search results on Google and other search engines.

As a result, great Web design can have a dramatic effect on your business and how profitable and sustainable it is.

By implementing a few design improvements that leverage the latest Web technologies like CSS3, responsive Web design for mobile support, HTML5, and more, you can derive potentially large gains for very little effort.

Optimized Web design with CSS3

CSS3 provides fantastic opportunities for Web designers and webmasters to improve their Web page design as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The beauty of CSS3 is that it doesn't require anything in order to work. Just start using it in your webpages.

All modern, good quality browsers support CSS3 by default.

What's more, it can be generated using online tools like CSS Gradient Generator and CSS3 Generator.

10 Critical Features of a Good Website

What features makes a website good can be a really subjective thing. What works for one might be complete poison for another.

Your website could be blacklisted without your knowledge

Hands up; everyone who has started a new website and found that every now and then emails, sent via the website, do not get to their destination, or end up in the recipient's spambox.