Yahoo! small business advisor highlights Google's poor quality search results

Small businesses that make use of content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase website traffic from organic search results need to understand Google search's limitations.

While Google advises everyone to create unique and original content that is focused on their particular audience (i.e. what I call good SEO practices), it doesn't always keep it's implied end of the bargain.

Great content that is relevant and engaging for a niche audience should, assuming no major problems, generate at least some valuable organic search traffic that can be converted into leads, sales and revenue.

Free search engine optimization for one brilliant SME

Really unique and clever business ideas don't come along all that often, and when they do I feel obliged to help them out with some free SEO advice.

I came across We Rent Goats today, and loved their eco-friendly idea of clearing weeds and brush with goats, instead of harmful herbicides.

The site opens with a cute sign of a goat carrying a sign around his neck - "will work for food". Nice touch.

Step-by-step guide to my Google Panda penalty recovery

Restoring Web traffic volumes after a Google algorithmic penalty (especially one like Panda or Penguin) can be a very difficult and, often, fruitless task - without any guarantees.

5 practical SEO tips for eCommerce

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for eCommerce sites plays a vital role in driving valuable organic search traffic that converts into sales and revenue.

But, over the last few years, as Google has unleashed Panda and Penguin on Web spammers, thin affiliates, and duplicate content sites, many online store owners feel that SEO is a dirty word - a way to cheat instead of compete.

When to use robots.txt and 301 redirects for Panda SEO recovery

With Google's Panda update #25 lurking just around the corner, it's important that sites under penalty from previous Panda updates are taking the right steps to resolve their SEO problems.

The Panda algorithm deals predominantly with content quality, including issues like duplicate content, thin content, and generally poor quality content.

5 top Web design tips to increase website traffic

Since performance and speed are important to SEO (and therefore website traffic originating with organic search), Web design plays a crucial role in how well a website ranks in search results on Google and other search engines.

As a result, great Web design can have a dramatic effect on your business and how profitable and sustainable it is.

By implementing a few design improvements that leverage the latest Web technologies like CSS3, responsive Web design for mobile support, HTML5, and more, you can derive potentially large gains for very little effort.

5 Google algorithm updates that affect your Web traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is affected on a weekly basis by Google algorithm updates. But, there are five algorithm changes that could be reducing your Web traffic levels and compromising your earning potential.

When it comes to Google algorithm updates, it pays to stay informed. Some updates may lead to penalties that can inflict instant and devastating traffic losses, while others may lead to a slow but steady decline in traffic over weeks or months.

Not all drops in traffic are "penalties". Many algorithm changes are designed to make search results better, so drops in traffic are more like corrections to search results, and not explicitly penalties against your site.

Optimized Web design with CSS3

CSS3 provides fantastic opportunities for Web designers and webmasters to improve their Web page design as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The beauty of CSS3 is that it doesn't require anything in order to work. Just start using it in your webpages.

All modern, good quality browsers support CSS3 by default.

What's more, it can be generated using online tools like CSS Gradient Generator and CSS3 Generator.

Top 10 local SEO tips

Implementing local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques has become more and more important, from an Internet marketing perspective because, over time, Google has a built up a significant bias in favor of localized search results.

Free eBook: SEO

Small business SEO is a free 30+ page eBook, available in PDF format, that covers everything you need to know about search optimization in 2012 and beyond.

Written by internationally published technical author, David Mercer, this free eBook is a great companion for any startup or website owner.

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