Custom eCommerce websites vs. Bigcommerce enterprise

Whether your are an ambitious retail startup or a fast growing online store, you'll need to find a top quality enterprise level eCommerce solution to keep things running smooth.

How to Sell on Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be a fantastic way to build a successful thriving online retail business, earn a decent second income, or simply get rid of unwanted junk for cash.

The latest eCommerce website technology updates

Knowing which eCommerce solutions are using the best, most innovative, and improved technologies to cut costs and improve performance can make all the difference in your business.

Most of the leading hosted eCommerce site builders offer all the amenities you would expect with a cutting edge site - like responsive design, multiple payment gateway support, attractive themes & templates, great support, and so on.

So which is the right one to choose?

Avoid losing eCommerce sales to customer confusion

Is your online store losing out on valuable sales because customers are getting confused, losing focus, and moving on without purchasing anything? Can you even tell?

Every bit of Web traffic is valuable, and it is vitally important that your store squeezes as much revenue as possible out of each visit. Of course, not every visit can result in a sale, but that conversion rate can always be nudged a bit higher.

Making conversions easy for potential customers is not only good for profits, it also improves the user experience, which in turn leads to positive experiences and word of mouth.

3 easy eCommerce ideas for the U.S. market

There's a lot of competition and a lot of potential in America's eCommerce industry, and having a better startup idea than the next person might be all it takes to succeed (well, that and hard work).

eCommerce has grown consistently over the last 10 years despite large scale problems in the U.S. economy. This makes it one of the best industries for entrepreneurs to get into.

But, what you really need to drive decent profits is differentiation. Offer a store that isn't like everything else out there. Fortunately, the vast majority of eCommerce sites do the same old thing without adding much value - and offer less competition as a result.

Shopify vs. Bigcommerce new features

Trying to decide which eCommerce website builder has all the right features for your new online store in 2014?

We've compiled a list of some of the coolest new features of two of the best shopping cart solutions, namely Shopify & Bigcommerce, to help you make the right decision.

Both of these hosted solutions offer exceptional value for money out-of-the-box, and you can check out a direct comparison of all their standard features (including cost, value for money, customer reviews, etc) between the two at Shopify, Volusion & Bigcommerce.

Weebly eCommerce vs. Bigcommerce

Weebly, arguably the world's leading online website builder, recently announced major updates to their eCommerce offering, that includes features like a coupon generator, product options, personalized emails, and more.

And while Weebly makes it quick and easy to build normal websites, how does it compare with leading, hosted shopping cart solutions like Bigcommerce?

How to increase online sales with Volusion and Amazon

One of the biggest advantages of using hosted eCommerce software (like Volusion), is that they offer seamless integration with other retail platforms (like Amazon), to help increase your online sales.

Volusion and Amazon recently partnered to offer built-in Amazon integration that helps sell your products through Amazon, but manage everything from your own eCommerce store.

So, if you are interested in starting an eCommerce website with the intention of selling via Amazon, or want to find a way to increase existing sales by reaching out to the millions of buyers on Amazon, Volusion is what you're after.

How to increase sales by decreasing shopping cart abandonment

Here's a guest post from Daniel with some great eCommerce tips on how to increase sales and maximize conversions by reducing your shopping cart abandonment rate.

Decreasing abandonment rate during checkout is emerging as one of the major challenges for online shopping websites. As competition intensifies in the eCommerce sector (for the website owners), consumers are having a blast as more and more buying options become available.

How to grow a small eCommerce site

The following guest post by Adam Green has some interesting tips on how to handle, plan for, and manage growth in your eCommerce startup - growing too fast can be a double edged sword.

Starting a business comes with all sorts of challenges, and becoming an entrepreneur for the first time is also a big personal challenge and learning experience.

But once you have successfully gotten a startup off the ground, what next?