How will Google Voice Search affect SEO?

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While researching some SEO for my business, I noticed that there is now a small microphone icon that allows you to "voice search".

I tried it out by clicking the voice search icon, saying my search phrases out loud,and choosing from the list of options from the auto-complete menu.

It occurred to me that voice search might well change the face of SEO, and was wondering what these changes might be? Do you think that SEO will be better of, or worse as a result of Google Voice search?

Google Voice Search and SEO

It's important to note that Google's Voice Search will take some time to be adopted (currently it's only available on Chrome browsers, anyway). The voice recognition, at least for my accent, leaves something to be desired. A search for

"SEO Entrepreneur"


"See o trip Peanut" and various combinations of that phrase.

Ok, so entrepreneur is not necessarily the easiest word for speech recognition software to recognize. But no doubt Google will get better with time.

With all that said, here is how I think Google Voice search will affect SEO:

1. Long tail SEO will become more important

It is far easier to say a few words than it is to type - especially on smartphones and mobile devices with fidgety keyboards.

The move to mobile devices might well have favored shorter, more competitive phrases, but now that people can say what they want, it is likely that four to ten words terms will become more commonplace.

This means that businesses and bloggers who have targeted long tail terms will likely benefit despite the rapid adoption of mobile devices.

I expect the market share of organic traffic to increase for long tail terms as a result of Google Voice Search.

2. More search, less browsing

Google doesn't always put the most focused content at the top of the SERPs.

Now that it is super easy for people to change their search by saying a few words, they are less likely to browse through result pages for information, and more likely to change their input instead - if they don't see something they want instantly.

In other words, it is going to become more important for businesses and bloggers to focus their content.

What changes do you think Google Voice search will bring to SEO, and how do you think businesses should change their SEO tactics to capitalize?