Great marketing tips to grow your home business

I've grown several online businesses over the years and, for my money, there are definitely a few worthwhile marketing strategies - that are highly effective on a small budget.

If you are running an online startup or small business from home you'll probably understand the frustration of trying out a myriad of different marketing techniques to find and convert new customers.

New Ideas

We all know one of the biggest hurdles that electric vehicles have to overcome is the availability of recharge stations, and the time it takes to fully recharge a battery.

Mobile devices are already here. Unmanned drones are coming. Who knows what other types of mobile electronic devices will be next?

Drones are getting a lot of press these days as new and innovative uses come to light. Why not get ahead of the trend by offering drone oriented services to your municipality?


Comparing Weebly to Bigcommerce

Weebly, arguably the world's leading online website builder, recently announced major updates to their eCommerce offering, that includes features like a coupon generator, product options, personalized emails, and more.

And while Weebly makes it quick and easy to build normal websites, how does it compare with leading, hosted shopping cart solutions like Bigcommerce?

A look at which markets are most profitable for affiliates

Commission junction, arguably the largest and most successful affiliate network in the world, recently released their benchmark report for Q1 & Q2 in 2014, with some really interesting insight into the affiliate marketing industry.

In particular, their report gives a good overview of the relative sizes of each industry (by virtue of the most clicks generated in each niche), the best CR (Conversion Rate), as well as the highest EPC (Earnings Per Click) data.


Learn how to sell on Amazon with this step-by-step beginner guide

Selling on Amazon can be a fantastic way to build a successful thriving online retail business, earn a decent second income, or simply get rid of unwanted junk for cash.

5 Internet marketing strategies for every day use

Internet marketing encompasses a wide array of disciplines from social to SEO, email to content, and good old fashioned networking.

10 motivational quotes for business

It's occasionally valuable to take some time to listen to the collective wisdom of entrepreneurs, great personalities, and leaders who have distilled their knowledge and experience into inspiring q

Great free software for people working from home

Having a home business or work from home job means that your PC will need to be packed with functionality to help facilitate day-to-day tasks.

Logo design tips

Designing a great logo for your startup can be one of the most important (and frustrating) challenges you take on.


mobile shopping cart solutions

Mobile eCommerce (or m-commerce, as many call it) is undergoing rapid growth in 2012, and only the best shopping cart software allows you to take advantage of this growing eCommerce market.

The way in which people access the Internet is undergoing rapid change as more and more people surf the Web on the go.

robots.txt vs 301 redirects

With Google's Panda update #25 lurking just around the corner, it's important that sites under penalty from previous Panda updates are taking the right steps to resolve their SEO problems.

The Panda algorithm deals predominantly with content quality, including issues like duplicate content, thin content, and generally poor quality content.

Business plan template

Starting out with a great business plan is especially important for online startups (like blogs, professional sites & online stores).

A great business plan can help you learn how to startup online, while avoiding some of the most common pitfalls that prevent many aspiring entrepreneurs from making sustainable profits.

home business ideas

Home based businesses provide genuine opportunities to create a sustainable, profitable income in 2014 and beyond.

Marketing or selling through an eCommerce store, online shopping cart, blog or website brings great opportunity, as you'll see in my list of inspirational business successes later in the article.

where to find cheap office supplies

"Where's the best place to get discount, high quality and reliable office supplies services online?" Whether you are starting a home based venture or running a busy office, finding the right office supplier(s) is an important part of streamlining costs.

Supplying small companies and startups with cheap, high quality office supplies like printer ink & toner, stationary, home office furniture and just about everything a small business needs, is big business.

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