There's a stack of really mediocre instructional clips on everything from writing a business plan, understanding the science of marketing, or improving SEO and ranking higher in Google.

You could probably spend weeks combing through everything, but like most entrepreneurs you probably don't have the time.

That's why I've collected five of the most useful and important YouTube clips to help you get the basics...


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Hot towel shave barbershop

For most men, getting a haircut is a grudge purchase - a regular imposition...

"Free pets" pet store

I got a tiny djungarian hamster as a present from my girlfriend. She got it...

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"Trying to decide which of the most popular website builders to use for your own small...

Home based businesses provide genuine opportunities to make money online in 2013 and beyond....

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Anyone looking to grow their business using a mailing list will likely want to make use of one of the leading online email marketing services - but which one?

As a...

Dedicated hosting (sometimes referred to as dedicated server hosting) is a popular type of Web hosting that guarantees sole use of an entire Web server.


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Being an entrepreneur is something that should be encouraged and nurtured in everyone from an early age - especially in a country like the U.S. where the economy relies on small business.

Every school and university should offer a range of courses designed to empower young people to take an idea and turn it into a profitable enterprise, with confidence and competence.

Sadly, most educational institutes seem...

Starting an affiliate program to market your business online is a great way to get real growth - but it comes with dangers that you must manage pro-actively from the start.

By definition, affiliate marketing hands a degree of control over to the publishers who market on your behalf.

Because these publishers are incentivized with sales commissions, they may end up using advertising and promotional strategies...

Well managed 404 "file not found" errors can turn potential problems into great opportunities that help you get the most from Web traffic that might otherwise slip between the cracks.

Even if visitors are trying to find content that no longer exists, a good 404 error page can direct them to the information they are after and lead to a conversion - just like any other good landing page.

Makes sense...

Are you looking for one practical strategy that gets to the heart of what it means to have a profitable online business?

Given how much "expert advice" there is floating around the Internet these days, it can be quite hard to formulate a simple, powerful technique for generating revenue from your blog/website.

This article shows how to convert your existing Web traffic into earnings as...

Deciding whether to take a job working for a startup company is a decision that can lead to fabulous riches or years of wasted effort with little to show.

In short, it's a high risk decision.

So how what factors must be taken into account when working out how to take an offer?

This article lists six questions you should ask yourself before considering any job offer - to help ensure you get a fair deal...

Webmasters have a perennial problem when it comes to placing ads on their sites - ads generate profits, but hurt Google rankings (reducing traffic and revenue).

And, Google recently updated their page layout algorithm, catching out a fresh wave of webmasters who are now scrambling to redesign their sites without loosing too much income.

It's kind of a catch-22 for anyone looking to squeeze the most...