David Mercer

Hi, my name is David Mercer and I run SME Pals (formerly SEO Entrepreneur).

I help clients develop new applications (predominantly using PHP, Drupal, and any other Web technology or language that fits the problem), advise on technologies and solutions, and help grow businesses online using search optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing.

Companies use me to deliver solutions to unique and complex problems that they don't necessarily have the skills to manage in-house. For example, I am currently building a hybrid ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) solution to the mTSP (multiple Traveling Salesman Problem), with constraints, for a leading UK based satellite vehicle tracking firm.

I'm a bestselling author of programming, development, eCommerce and marketing books and a serial entrepreneur specializing in Web and eCommerce startups.


  • You are looking for someone who can speak to the CEO, CTO, CMO about CMS, SEO, PHP
  • You are looking for someone who understands business objectives and how to realize them efficiently and effectively
  • You want someone who can look at your business strategy and help improve on it
  • You want someone who can help you to reach your target audience and convert them
  • You need business experience, technical ability, analytical prowess, strategic brilliance, creative genius


Drop me a line and tell me what you need. Alternatively, check out my IT consulting page for information on hiring me, areas of expertise, and rates.

A bit more about me...

I am one of the most experienced technical authors in the world today, having contributed to in excess of 30 technical titles published by many of the world's major publishers, translated into many of the world's major languages.

I have been working in IT ever since I spent a month (in the late nineties) dismantling various old computers in order to construct a Beowulf cluster high performance computing system. Memories of which haunt me to this day (that's a reflection of my hardware mangling abilities).

After co-authoring several successful books on any number of programming topics, including shell scripting and PHP, I became interested in business and its online implementations.

I have founded several Internet startups, and continue to be involved in new startup web based projects, like ZAPlayGround.

When not writing or working on my own enterprises, I provide strategic, technical, analytical and marketing consulting to large businesses (and some SMEs) and organizations.

I founded SME Pals to help individuals and organizations fully leverage the power of the Internet. It has a dual mandate: to both educate and to alleviate the intellectual burden of entry into the online market.

I hold a cum laude science degree with a dual major in Applied Math and Math from the University of South Africa.