3 things to avoid when starting an affiliate marketing program

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Starting an affiliate program to market your business online is a great way to get real growth - but it comes with dangers that you must manage pro-actively from the start.

By definition, affiliate marketing hands a degree of control over to the publishers who market on your behalf.

Because these publishers are incentivized with sales commissions, they may end up using advertising and promotional strategies that your own company might not be comfortable with.

How to maximize online profits

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Are you looking for one practical strategy that gets to the heart of what it means to have a profitable online business?

Given how much "expert advice" there is floating around the Internet these days, it can be quite hard to formulate a simple, powerful technique for generating revenue from your blog/website.

This article shows how to convert your existing Web traffic into earnings as efficiently as possible, without resorting to difficult and advanced marketing and SEO techniques.

How to increase profits after removing "above the fold" ads

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Webmasters have a perennial problem when it comes to placing ads on their sites - ads generate profits, but hurt Google rankings (reducing traffic and revenue).

And, Google recently updated their page layout algorithm, catching out a fresh wave of webmasters who are now scrambling to redesign their sites without loosing too much income.

It's kind of a catch-22 for anyone looking to squeeze the most out of their Web traffic without risking a penalty.

7 top networking tips

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When I started my first business some years ago I placed all my focus on creating a great offering, but almost no effort went into sales and networking. Needless to say that business took an incredibly long time to get off the ground - 6 years in fact.

During that time I learned a lot about how business works, and my focus has shifted almost completely onto sales, marketing and networking.

Nowadays, a good idea with a quality product backed by excellent service is the bare minimum required to succeed. Because there is so much competition (especially online), what sets companies apart these days is how effectively they can network and promote themselves.

How to use online sales data for effective market research

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Marketing and promoting products is a tricky game that can require every ounce of cunning and skill – especially in a crowded market like book publishing.

And while most publishers tend to focus on their own tried and tested methods for driving sales, it doesn't hurt to keep an eye on the competition at the same time.

Consider a scenario in which another publisher's title suddenly starts outselling your own. If you know that your title is just as good, if not better, how are they doing it?

10 great tips on how to make Google AdWords profitable

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With the majority of all Internet traffic passing through organic search, it is only natural to want to advertise on Google using AdWords.

AdWords is an exceptionally powerful and flexible platform for creating and managing online advertising campaigns, but it is fraught with peril for newcomers, who may quickly blow their ad budget with little to show for it.

This article will provide some insight into how you can get your marketing message in front of the right people, at a low enough cost that your conversions can drive decent profits.

How to integrate GetResponse email marketing into your shopping cart

One of the key factors in the success of any eCommerce site is great marketing - and email marketing is one of the most effective of all Internet marketing strategies.

Growing a strong, valuable mailing list is something that must be built into the fabric of your eCommerce business right from the start - because it takes time to grow a good list.

A mailing list helps to protect your store from sudden drops in organic search traffic (whenever Google introduces a new algorithm change) by giving your business access to opt-in subscribers who are already predisposed to buying your products.

3 powerful marketing alternatives to SEO

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I am an ardent supporter of creating great quality content that ranks well in Google search for marketing purposes.

Recently, however, I have been forced to concede that organic traffic from Google is no longer reliable enough for business purposes.

Since 2012 Google's search results have been in upheaval, and while the general thrust of the changes are to improve search results and cut out spam, there has been significant collateral damage along the way.

GetResponse vs. Constant Contact

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Anyone looking to grow their business using a mailing list will likely want to make use of one of the leading online email marketing services - but which one?

As a business owner, you probably don't have time to set up a free trial on every email marketing website around, so it helps to know which one can get you started the easiest.

SME Pals has already done an analysis and comparison review of the top email marketing services, but that analysis doesn't really speak directly to how easy or hard it is for a beginner to set up their own email marketing campaign.

3 marketing strategies that protect against sudden drops in Google search traffic

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While organic search traffic from Google is of great value to any business, it is important to implement a range of marketing strategies so that your business isn't overly reliant on Google traffic.

Over the last few years, Google's algorithm updates have lead to wild swings in the quality of search results, which have unsettled many business owners.

Experiencing a sudden drop in search traffic can be a temporary blip, or it can be completely devastating - depending on how much you rely on organic search traffic.