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We're going to help you turn your idea into a profitable and stable small business using the latest tools, technologies and techniques. Our goal is to help lower the barrier to entry (with a strong emphasis on Internet and technology) for passionate people who are innovative and hard working.

Start a business

Quick startup guide

See how to create a profitable business learn more

Channel your excitement and enthusiasm into productive and important activities, like refining and expanding your idea and building a solid business plan around it.

Learning what is involved in creating a new business and researching the market will help organize your time and energy properly so that you stand the best chance of succeeding in the long term.

Start with a plan

Creating a business plan helps you make the right decisions learn more

Even if you aren't thinking about applying for a loan, it still helps to put together a good business plan.

The effort you put into researching your own business, the competition, the industry, the players, and the logistics and costs involved in setting up and growing to the point where you are stable and profitable will mean less wasted effort, and a quicker path to success.

Armed with the right information about what you are getting yourself into can literally mean the difference between a life changing success or an expensive lesson.

Set up a home office

Create a professional home work environmentlearn more

One of the first things you will need in order to manage and grow your startup is somewhere to work.

It's important to have a space that is free from interruption and that allows you to perform daily tasks quickly and efficiently. By taking some time to plan and kit out a great home office, you'll ensure that you can work just as efficiently (if not more so) than your commercial office based competitors.

What's great about the modern home office is that it has access to hugely powerful online tools and services that offer enterprise level features at extremely low prices. You'll be amazed by what you can achieve on a very small budget.

Invest in time-saving technology early on

Don't fall into the trap of spending time to save money - time is more valuable learn more

Starting a new business is slow going. New processes haven't been nailed down. You're learning everything for the first time. Mistakes are being made. There is little point in dragging things out so that you never even get to the point where you can start marketing and selling.

Save as much time and effort as possible early on by investing in the right tools, technologies and services that can free up your time to do what's most important - finding new clients and customers and generating an income stream.

There are loads of productivity tools out there that are worth far more than their cost to entrepreneurs who don't want to lose valuable time being bogged down in complex technical or operational issues.

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