Celebrity gossip blogger for rising stars

Market analysis: 

The celeb market is pretty crowded, with lots and lots of competing content.

Fortunately, most of it is of poor quality, and, assuming you implement great social media sharing and following, combined with great content, it should be possible to build a good following.


Becoming a celebrity blogger is a really exciting career path to choose because it means that you will be rubbing shoulders with the world's rich and famous (but possibly not making friends).

Unfortunately, in order to really become a success you will need some sort of access to the celebs in question - otherwise, it will be difficult to compete with other tabloids and gossip columns.

That's why this business idea focuses on rising stars, who might be more willing to work with you in return for some additional exposure.

By offering an incentive for gaining coverage in your blog, and building a reputation of great gossip and scandal among readers, it may be possible to carve out a lucrative niche market for yourself.

Remember that as time goes by, the celebs who you have covered in the past and, hopefully, still have relationship with, will allow you to maintain access to them if, as, and when they make it to the big time.

You should have no shortage of people who want free coverage at drama and acting colleges.

Or, simply put out ads and notices for up and coming actors and actresses to share their stories with you.

You'll find that many readers are simply interested in hearing about the reality of trying to become a star. Share people's stories, and you'll gather a following and a reputation as a star maker.

Startup costs: 
Profit & loss: 

Most of your profit is going to come in the form of advertising - either using Google Ads, or selling advertising directly.

The average CPC for celebrity related niches is pretty low. But, you might be able to set up affiliate relationships with various tabloid newspapers and magazines.

Operating costs: 

Find out juicy secrets by hanging around at bars and clubs where celebs often go. Make friends with rising stars, and take clips and recordings to post to your blog and YouTube channel.

Business type: