5 niche blog ideas (you can start today)

Check out this list of great blog ideas/topics that will help you to be succesful by working from home on your own, highly profitable site.

Choosing the most profitable topics that target valuable keywords to drive lots of juicy organic search traffic is quite hard - especially when you factor in competition levels.

That's why I've compiled this list of five niche ideas that focus on niche markets that have reasonable amounts of Web traffic, but also command a fairly high CPC (Cost Per Click).

But, just because you have a good idea doesn't mean the hard work is done. The more valuable a niche, the more competition there is to capture the top page rankings in search results.

In addition, for each idea in this list, I'll explain how and why I chose it, and why I believe it is a great topic to make money from - even if there is a bit of competition.

Top 5 high lucrative blog ideas

Before we go through our top 5 list, it's important that you are able to setup a good quality site with great SEO (Search Engine Optimization), speed and performance.

There are a huge number of ways to create a blog, but the fastest and easiest way to get a professional site, without requiring much Web design or development experience (or too much money), is to use WordPress, or a leading website builder like Weebly.

If you haven't already, you will need to:

  1. register a domain name cheaply
  2. create a blog using WordPress or Weebly

You can search around this site for more information on how to start a blog and how to create profitable content that will engage readers, get top page rankings in search results, and generate plenty of revenue.

For now, let's get on with our top five ideas list...

1. Personalized gifts

Creating a site focused on personalized gifts is an absolute winner because there is virtually an unlimited number of products available to be reviewed.

Not only that, but I think that this is also a fun topic that you will be able to enjoy doing - something that is really important for success in blogging.

You can cover a range of sub-topics, including everything from gift ideas to corporate gifts, including deals and specials to save readers a bit of money when buying gifts.

The SEO phrase personalized gifts also drives plenty of monthly searches, with 49 500 coming from the U.S alone. It has a moderate CPC, weighing in at $3.

What makes this particular niche so valuable is that you will find plenty of retailers willing to pay to advertise or review their products, once the site is established.

2. Business cards

I was absolutely floored when I discovered just how big business cards search volumes are. The phrase business cards generates 246 000 monthly searches in the U.S. alone.

Capturing the top ranking for this search, assuming a modest average CTR (Click Through Rate) of about 30%, will drive 73 800 visits per month.

The phrase business cards also has a really good CPC of $8, so there is a relatively high average value on conversions.

Not only that, but there is a huge printing industry that will pay top dollar in advertising or affiliate earnings for any blogger who is able to get to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for topics related to business card printing.

Naturally, there is a lot of competition in this niche, but I believe it is still possible to capture really high page rankings with a dedicated site, because most (but not all) of the leaders in this niche are general printers who also print business cards - i.e. they aren't completely dedicated to business cards.

3. Plus size clothing

What I like about plus size clothing as a topic, is that it has a really broad selection of sub-topics, which means that you will always have plenty to write about in well-defined niches.

For example, a blog on plus size clothing could have sections dedicated to swimwear, wedding dresses, and the all important maternity clothes.

While the SEO phrase plus size clothing generates a more modest 74 000 visits per month in the U.S, with a CPC of about $2, there are lots of related terms that can be easily targeted to bring in high volumes of Web traffic.

Obviously, being a part of the clothing and fashion industry, there would be no shortage of retailers and advertisers clamoring for coverage on your site.

4. Current events

This is a really interesting niche because current events is just that... current. Google favors topical and current content matter, so the very fact that you are writing about things that are happening right now gives an advantage.

Of course, the problem is that you are potentially competing with the big news networks, which is, effectively, impossible for a small blog.

To get around this, you'll have to bring a unique and original perspective to your coverage. In other words, don't position yourself as news, but rather as opinion.

If you can talk about serious issues with real humor, you'll quickly become popular. If you can write in such a way as to spark action and emotion, you'll become popular. If you can bring unique insight to current events, you will become popular.

The phrase current events generates a good 165 000 visits per month (almost entirely from the U.S), and has a CPC of just under $2.

It will be slightly harder to make money from this topic, but what you lack in CPC, you'll make up for in high website traffic volumes.

5. Identity theft

Identity theft (the crime, not the SEO keyword) is a serious problem, and one that many individuals and businesses need to take seriously.

That's why identity theft (the SEO keyword) generates around 60 500 monthly searches, with a healthy CPC of about $7.

What's nice about this topic is that you can create plenty of articles that are genuinely useful for readers - like how to cope with identity theft, what to do, what precautions to take, what to look for, and so on.

Naturally, you would need to become an expert in this niche in order to really be able to help people, but if you crack it, you would have a really loyal following of readers and fans.

Helping people is a fantastic way to grow a business, and it feels good at the same time.

Making money from talking about identity theft is easy - there are a number of services that would advertise or set up affiliate relationships with a leading blog in this field.

So those are my top 5 suggestions for niche topics that will generate goodly amounts of money online - if you can capture some top page rankings.

What other topics are profitable? Share your suggestions in the comments.

Proof that business blogging works. Pic by nicoleec

The vast majority (in the region of 95%) of all sites and blogs ever created fail to make any money at all - let alone a profit. Against this backdrop it's quite easy to lose faith in blogging as a viable tool for online marketing.

But all is not lost. There are plenty of businesses out there quietly creating great articles and content to share and promote around their networks. Many of them have had great success in driving new leads, customers, sign-ups, traffic and direct revenue.