Where can I get free Web hosting?

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I am starting a new blog and would like to find a good hosting plan or service that is free - I am really need to squeeze every dollar.

Are there any free web hosting packages you can recommend? Alternatively, are there any really cheap or plans that I can use for my blog?

Why are some hosting packages dirt cheap or free, and others are hugely expensive?

Free Web hosting? You get what you pay for...

WordPress offers a basic blogging platform that is of good quality and completely free. However, you will likely end up paying for a domain name, and possibly a good WordPress theme to make the blog more appealing.

Other than that, I think rather than answer your question directly, it is better to first talk about why you would want free Web hosting in the first place.

If you want to get something out of your blog or website then it is going to require some hard work and effort to create content and start generating traffic. Low cost, or free plans can endanger this by providing unreliable, slow, or just generally poor performance hosting.

Why risk your business to save a few dollars per month?

There is absolutely no point in going for hosting that doesn't provide good support and have a great up-time guarantee. In fact, I would say a quality Web host is one of the most important prerequisites for online success.

I strongly recommend you resist the urge to go with the lowest cost service, and look for one that offers "decent value for money". In particular, having great hosting support is worth its weight when something goes wrong (as it inevitably will).

Experienced and competent support personnel don't work for free, so it's unlikely that you level of support would be high with a free hosting service.

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