How do I get Amazon Affiliate Payments Internationally?

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I recently signed up as an Amazon affiliate, in the U.S., even though I am based overseas, and earned my first few dollars. Great.

The problem is that Amazon seems to only want to pay me by check and I can't really use that because it would probably take longer than the lifetime of that check to get to me - if it doesn't get lost or stolen along the way. I can't get Amazon to pay me by direct deposit because that requires a U.S. bank account, which I don't have.

The only other alternative is to get Amazon gift vouchers, but I would really rather have the cash.

Is there a way for international Amazon affiliates to get paid directly to a bank account, or better yet, in cash?

How to Accept International Payments from Amazon

Payoneer for Amazon affiliate payments
As you mentioned, currently Amazon will only pay international affiliates by check, which is very inconvenient in terms of reliability, cost and time (I don't know anyone who still uses checks, for anything).

Amazon won't use PayPal because it is owned by eBay and could ostensibly release sensitive financial information to their direct competitor.

The best way to get quick and relatively cheap access to your Amazon affiliate payments is to create a Payoneer account and request a pre-paid mastercard. This allows you to accept direct deposit payments from Amazon to Payoneer, and then draw the cash from your mastercard wherever you are in the world, in your own currency. Payoneer will also allow direct deposits into your own bank account in whatever currency you choose.

Accept International Payments with Payoneer

In terms of costs, I recently received a payment of $829 form Amazon. After Payoneer processing fees, the amount loaded to the card was $820 (1% charge). My bank ATM also charged about $3 - $4 to make a withdrawal, but Payoneer had already warned me of additional charges so I know not to use the card for small, day-to-day withdrawals.

At least for me, this was a huge improvement on waiting for checks to arrive through our postal service (which is very unreliable) and then paying a huge fee for the bank to send the check back to the U.S. for verification before paying it into my account at a very poor exchange rate.

Overall I rate Payoneer at


While using their online interface lead to a bit of confusion (there can be a lag between creating the account and having it verified, so you might not be able to do what you want immediately), they did everything they promised (including delivering the Mastercard ahead of schedule) at the rates and fees they promised.

Very happy.