Which is the fastest shopping cart software?

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I understand that page load time and website speed are important factors for SEO, and can affect how much Web traffic an eCommerce site (shopping cart) gets from Google and other search engines.

Which is the fastest of the leading hosted shopping cart solutions?

Shopping cart speed is an important factor in SEO

Page load time and speed are known components of Google's ranking algorithms, with faster sites appearing higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) than slower sites (all other things being equal).

With that said, remember that it is the quality of your content and the overall user experience of your eCommerce site that will ultimately decide the rankings of your content, and therefore how much organic search traffic you get from Google.

In other words, the quality of the eCommerce site has a far greater impact than the difference in speed between the leading shopping cart solutions.

We did an analysis of the speed of some of the leading shopping cart demo sites using a number of SEO tools, and here are the results:

Rank Software PageSpeed Load Time
1 Shopify 84 0.89
2 Bigcommerce 95 1.52
3 Magento 67 1.32
4 Pinnacle Cart 81 2.16
5 Volusion 65 1.87

As you can see, Shopify was substantially faster in our tests. It's also worth noting that Shopify has, in recent times, begun to grow much faster than other hosted eCommerce solutions - and their superior performance may be a contributing factor.