What is the Easiest Way to Earn a Passive Income Online?

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I have a blog that is growing in popularity and I've been working hard at building an email list as well as a social media following all with a view to making a bit of money online.

The trouble is that I don't want to bombard people with adverts because I think this will slow down growth, or worse, cause people to stop following me. Basically what I'm after is a passive income idea that will make money from my followers - without being too pushy or aggressively selling.

I know about affiliate marketing but, as mentioned, I don't really want to paste affiliate ads to products all over my site, or start emailing and tweeting spam. Is there a way to make money without having to become a spammer?

Create Product Recommendation Lists Using Amazon Price Histories

If you have an existing following of people interested in your specific niche - it could be anything, from gardening to coffee to barbecues - then there is opportunity to make a really good passive income from products you genuinely recommend as useful.

The trick is to offer your readers valuable recommendations with information that will help them achieve their objectives. Plain old affiliate ads often tend to miss the mark on this issue, but there is a way to personalize and customize the products you recommend so that they are specifically tailored by you specially for your community.

You probably know about deal and price tracker sites, right? They scour the Web looking for deals, sales and discounts that would otherwise take shoppers ages to discover for themselves. A lot of these are very successful because they help people save a lot of money.

You can do exactly the same thing with little to no effort.

Create and offer your own price tracked product lists (it only takes minutes to set up) and earn commissions on sales passively.

Here's how...

RankTracer's hourly Amazon Price Tracker has three major differences from all other deal sites out there:

  1. It uses human curated product comparison lists (instead of automatically tracking tens of millions of products)
  2. It is an hourly price tracker meaning that it offers shoppers far more accurate price history and price comparison data
  3. It offers built in Buy Rating recommendations and comparison tables to help shoppers quickly find and choose the best possible deal

These three distinguishing features mean that traffic you drive to your own product comparison lists will convert at a much higher rate than simply sending them to a single product (that may or may not be selling at a good price).

The beauty of this idea is that you are not limited in terms of what you want to sell because pretty much anything that is available on Amazon (tens of millions of products) is available for you to choose from. You also don't have to do anything other choose the products you like best - there's no warehousing, delivery, stock control, or anything else.

Once you have created a product comparison list, earnings are completely passive.

Here's a step by step outline of how the whole process works:

  1. Create an account on RankTracer (you can contact them here to get started)
  2. Add products to one or more lists (you can name your own lists and add any products you like)
  3. Drive traffic to those lists from your blog, email and social network
  4. Receive monthly commissions from sales

Let's say, by way of example, your community focuses on something random, like toilet paper (it could really be anything). You might create a comparison list called Toilet Paper that will look something like this:

Toilet paper price comparison list

As shown above, your list will automatically be given a landing page that includes information such as bestselling item (RankTracer is also an hourly sales tracker and that data is also available), the biggest current saving (in dollar terms), the best deal (in percent discount), and the lowest price item.

This landing page also shows a quick overview of each item in the list, including an image and information on its current price and discount (including any coupons - RankTracer is also a coupon tracker).

Toilet paper price comparison table with coupons and deals

There's even a chart that shows the price (x-axis) vs. savings (y-axis) for each item in your list.

Toilet paper price comparison chart

As well as an interactive table that allows shoppers to quickly order products by their current price, their Buy Rating, discount in dollars and percent, and a few other important stats.

Toilet paper interactive price comparison table

Each product in the list also gets its own sales page that packed full of sales and price comparison and history data. Note that it also offers quick access to ALL customer reviews on the page.

Toilet paper interactive sales page

This includes its own sales and price history chart as well as another interactive comparison table and more in-depth product information.

Toilet paper sales and price comparison chart

All this data and information makes it very quick and easy for shoppers to decide which product to buy at any given time. This means conversion rates are extremely high, which in turn means you earn much more income passively.

However, there is a catch!

RankTracer is currently only offering this facility to proven influencers. In other words, unless you can show that you have a reasonably significant following that will likely generate a bit of revenue and make it worth their while, they probably won't let you create an account.

In addition, accounts are paid (because unlike all other price trackers RankTracer's platform gathers price data hourly, which is very data intensive). However at $50 per month to track and sell 100 products in as many custom comparison lists as you choose, you should more than cover that cost and still end up with plenty of passive income.

If you have a solid online following then it's very likely you can make a lot of money with little to no effort by simply piggy backing on the great sales and price data offered by RankTracer's platform. If you try this out feel free to share your community size and corresponding earnings in the comments below.

It'd make for a great case study in passive income generation online, so if we like your story we'll probably publish an article on it and help drive more buzz and awareness (and hopefully revenue).