Top Dedicated Server Hosting (Comparison Table)

Are you looking for dedicated server hosting for your blog or business website, and want a comparison table of the best plans from leading Web hosts to help make a decision?

We've compiled a list of the best dedicated hosting packages offered by the most popular hosting companies in one convenient table. This list gives not only a price comparison for a range of dedicated plans, but we've gone a bit further and done some research into the value offering of each of these plans - i.e. better bang for your buck.

If you want to learn more about whether dedicated hosting is right for your business, first read is dedicated hosting better than VPS Web hosting for small business?

Rank Plan Price Server Support Reviews* Value**
1 HostGator $175+ Intel Zeon 2.3GHz. 10TB transfer. 4GB memory. 500GB RAID drives. 24/7 premium support. 24/7 server support. 8 83%
2 SiteGround $300+ Quad core Intel Xeon. 5TB bandwidth. 4GB+ RAM. 500GB+ STAT drives. Managed. Active server monitoring. 24/7 prioritized technical support. 9 81%
3 WP Engine (WordPress only) $100+ Baked in CDN. Unlimited transfer. 30GB+ storage. Fully managed. 9 80%
4 GoDaddy $80+ Intel 2 - 4 cores. 5TB+ transfer. 2GB+ RAM. 320GB+ drives. 24/7 technical support. Server concierge. 24/7 network monitoring. 7.5 79%
5 NEXCESS dedicated hosting (WordPress & Magento) $135+ Dual - quad cores. 1.5TB transfer (more available for purchase). 2GB RAM. 500GB+ drives. 24/7 technical support. Managed server options. 7 75%
6 ServerPronto $50+ AMD dual core - Intel Xeon dual octa-core. 5TB+ transfer. 2GB+ RAM. 500GB SATA drives. 24/7 technical support. 24/& server support. Setup assistance & hardware replacement. 6.9 74%
7 1&1 $60+ AMD/Intel (up to 32 cores). 100Mbit unlimited transfer. 12GB RAM. 1TB drives. 24/7 technical support + managed hosting option. 6.2 70%
8 SingleHop $100+ Intel ATOM or Intel Xeon - single, dual quad core options. 10TB bandwidth. 2GB+ RAM. 500GB+ SATA drives. 24/7 technical support. Operational transparency (real time system, network, data center status) . 7.6 68%

* We provide an overall assessment of the reviews, ratings and general customer feedback we found online. Scale from 1 - 10, with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst.

** To calculate the value for money of each hosting plan, we took a ratio of the monthly cost, and compared it to the quality and generosity of server resources, technical support, and overall sentiment from existing customers. 0% is no value at all, 100% is unbelievable fantastic value.

How we selected the best for this list

In order to be included on this top list, each plan had to come from a recognised, well respected Web hosting company. We also had to be able to find concrete evidence of great, independent reviews of each service. In addition, we selected the best servers across a broad price range in order to give you at least one or two great options to suit your budget.

Finally, we selected a cross-section of plans that are "generic" in the sense that you can host any and all types of website, and some that are focused on particular Web platforms (i.e. WordPress, or Magento).

How we graded each plan

It's often difficult to know which Web host to choose based on looking at a range of different Web hosting companies - they all claim to be the best. However, we jotted down all the main features and high value offerings (like bandwidth, storage, technical support, server management, etc) in each hosting plan, and then went and searched on Google for:

  1. the number of reviews
  2. ratio of positive to negative reviews

We also did a comparison of the brand popularity of each Web hosting company to asses how well they were performing as a business. Here's a partial list of our results comparing some of the bigger Web hosting brands:

Bear in mind that companies like GoDaddy have a larger brand footprint because they offer a wide range of Internet based services - so this data has to be taken only as a general guideline.

How to choose a hosting plan

A dedicated server brings speed, reliability, a ton of Web server resources, and plenty of prioritized (possibly even managed) support. But, within this class, there are a huge variety of options and pricing that cater for very different Web hosting requirements.

In general, you should choose one that has enough bandwidth to cater for the Web traffic (or other requirements) that your business needs, plus a bit more - to allow room for growth.

You can narrow down your potential choices by looking through the server resources section and deciding which ones are suitable. In particular, look for great server management features like cPanel, or specialized installation and deployment support.

Once you have only a select few hosting candidates remaining, look at which ones have the features that suit your own Web requirements - for example, if you are using WordPress, it is likely that you are going to choose a server plan that is optimized for WordPress.

All other things being equal, if you come down to a choice of two or more servers that are all equally suited, select the service that offers the best technical support. With a fast and reliable server, you should hopefully only ever need support very rarely. But when you do, you need professional people to be on the job ASAP to sort out any potentially damaging problems.

Great support will also save your precious time and effort, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of the business (and not on technical server issues).

What other tips and advice do you have for businesses selecting dedicated server hosting? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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