Top 10 Best Home Based Business Ideas (to Make Money Online)

Home based businesses provide genuine opportunities to create a sustainable, profitable income in 2015 and beyond.

Marketing or selling through an eCommerce store, online shopping cart, blog or website brings great opportunity, as you'll see in my list of inspirational business successes later in the article.

Startup guide to effective PR

Getting great PR for your startup in the media, on social media websites and blogs is crucial to driving enough business to keep you afloat.

There are a range of skills and techniques you must learn in order to use your marketing and PR resources with maximum efficiency.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs tend to have limited budgets to spend on marketing campaigns, so it's important to identify those areas that are most likely to bear fruit early on.

In particular, efforts that create lasting and cumulative benefits such as blogging (for on-site SEO, organic search traffic, authority and PageRank) and building up social contacts (off-site SEO, marketing, business contacts) are important.

Marketing checklist for Internet startups

I've compiled a kind of SEO, social media and traffic building startup kit... for online startups. This assumes you aren't already rich, famous and popular enough to drive huge volumes of traffic with your name alone.

By spending a few hours ensuring that you have everything on this list set up and ready to roll, you can be sure to save yourself much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the weeks, months and years to come.

Most important qualities and skills required to run a website

Without doubt, running a website or converting a conventional business or idea into a website is one of the most multi-disciplinary tasks you can undertake.

Your website could be blacklisted without your knowledge

Hands up; everyone who has started a new website and found that every now and then emails, sent via the website, do not get to their destination, or end up in the recipient's spambox.

The number one reason why startup blogs fail

There are hundreds of millions of people online all the time, right? So you do a few quick calculations; say to yourself, if I can attract a few thousand out of several hundred million I can make a pretty neat income (from advertising, selling products or whatever).

The next step is to build a web presence, kit it out, and start blogging. After all, that's what the experts all say you should do. Content is king...