The Hidden Secrets Behind Viral Social Media Marketing

For many bloggers, webmasters and entrepreneurs there's nothing quite as exciting as seeing an article or brand mention taking on a life of its own and generating mind-boggling amounts of interest and juicy, juicy traffic.

Viral content is the dream!

3 tips to kick-start your company's social media

Social media marketing is one of those things that most entrepreneurs and small business owners wonder if they really need.

In general, my answer is yes, but I need to qualify that by saying that the amount of time, effort and cash you invest must be proportional to the returns you want (and can realistically achieve).

I serve on the board of a wonderful not-for-profit, registered charity, and we have utilized the tools and technologies provided by the Web, and in particular, social media, to drive visibility, engagement, and awareness that would simply be out of reach otherwise.

3 content marketing strategies that work like magic

"Are you looking for some great content marketing strategies that will help to generate plenty of buzz around your blog posts and articles?"

Content marketing is not only important for getting your content read by other people.

One of its primary purposes is to help establish authority so that your content enjoys high page rankings and gets plenty of organic search traffic from Google.

Why you're making a mess of social media

"Does your small business have a social media marketing strategy that takes time and effort but fails to deliver a positive ROI (Return on Investment)?" Most Internet marketing campaigns are in the same boat!

If your business puts more time, effort and money into its social media than the returns warrant, then its time to take stock. Don't be afraid to make bold changes regarding strategy.

Visualizing the true reach of social media personalities

What would a graphical representation of the "social sphere of influence" for some of the world's most popular social media and Internet marketing personalities look like?

Visual representation of social influence for top influencers

The problem with most social metrics used to determine reach, authority, or influence online is that there is such a massive disparity in the scale of influence from one person to the next. To give a true representation of the size of people's followings would mean spitting out numbers that simply don't make sense to most people - they're huge.

Master Twitter in two easy steps

Startups, small business, entrepreneurs and bloggers can all benefit greatly from using twitter. But it takes a bit of practice and know-how to get the most from this popular social network.

Using Drupal 6, I set up my blog (SME Pals) to automatically tweet blog post headlines to twitter.

I figured that would allow my readers to quickly browse through my latest post heading and click through to any they were interested in reading. A nice idea, but far too passive to succeed.