Top Internet marketing stupidities

Almost everyone who sets out to generate revenue through an online marketing campaign, regardless of whether they are promoting a blog, eCommerce store, or something else, inevitably run into the question of how to get people to visit the site. Without human eyeballs on webpages, you can't hope to make any money.

The temptation is to find a quick and painless Internet marketing solution that so very many people out there are just waiting to capitalize on. Probably with the stereotypical licking of the lips and rubbing of the hands.

Online marketing explained with cows

It can be a challenge, especially if you're new to the game, understanding what marketing jargon means. Inevitably you end up having to go and find some definitions to help keep track of what everyone is going on about.

So if online marketing is a scary and unfamiliar world, with danger everywhere, like this: