5 reasons why every company should offer a free eBook

Offering a free eBook is a great marketing strategy for any type of blog or business - big or small.

If you want to drive growth, increase sales and conversions, then creating a free eBook is one of the most affordable ways to do it.

It's important to understand that a free eBook is a representative of your brand. It is your voice on the Internet. As such, there is little point in creating an irrelevant, poor quality eBook for the sake of creating an eBook.

A good eBook provides value to potential clients. It should help them, engage them, inspire them, and above all, help to put them in a position to pick up what you are putting down.

5 reasons why video blogging is great

Video blogging (adding clips to a blog) can help to drive traffic, lower bounce rate, increase engagement and conversions, and generally improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet marketing.

Video blogging also provides plenty of "different" marketing opportunities that written content can't - because it is a rich medium for communication.

Bloggers who rely on written content only may find their rankings in search engines suffering as Google continues to include more and more video results (especially from YouTube) in its organic search results.

Marketing Strategies (Plus Lots of Bonus Tips & Ideas)

Coming up with marketing ideas for small business can be a challenge. With the wide array of options available, it is important to invest time and money into the most effective marketing ideas to bring the highest returns.

This list will provide great strategies for any small business, while being mindful of the major changes that have been occurring in the online world - in particular with Google and the rise of mobile.

Top 5 questions to ask your head of digital marketing

Online marketing is about much more than introducing carefully selected keywords and phrases into content to optimize for organic search; or build up backlinks to increase traffic.

Breakthrough marketing: How to get noticed

Businesses can take off overnight. Social networks, global media, the Internet, marketing and word-of-mouth that spans the globe can drive your message to millions of people instantly. But it rarely "just happens".

If you've been marketing your startup, product or business online then you'll have seen product launches that seemed to come out of nowhere to become the hottest thing around, or videos and content that have gone viral driving millions of potential customers through to the originators - the "Charlie bit my finger" YouTube video sensation netted that family several hundred thousand dollars in revenue:

While some people luck out and ride a wave of viral/social popularity, basing your livelihood on success through blind luck is not a particularly fruitful strategy. Most people have to work hard for quite some time before they achieve a breakthrough marketing success. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to give yourself every chance of success.

"The Tipping Point" outsells other business books

Do a search on Amazon for books on advertising, and it's no surprise that Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point" shows up first. It's been a smash hit for quite some time now - around ten years and counting.

Affiliate Marketing (Complete Beginner's Guide)

Learning how to be an effective affiliate marketer on one of the top affiliate programs is a great skill to have for entrepreneurs and anyone looking to start up their own business.

Transcript of a marketing consult

I recently did a one hour consultation with Stephen Conroy, the owner of cong IT in New York.

Stephen had requested a meeting to give him a feel for what he should be doing in order to promote his new business.

We chatted on Skype and at the end of the hour had covered quite a lot of ground. Poor Stephen had his ear bent by me for most of that time.

But it occurred to me that seeing a real-life consultation that deals not only with good practice (predominantly Internet based, in this case), but also shows the other side of the coin - interaction and thoughts from the business owner himself - might be really interesting to everyone else.

Online Marketing (Complete Beginner's Guide)

The first time I started an online business I spent the vast majority of my time actually creating the service. What I should have been doing was marketing it aggressively.

5 tips on repeat-business marketing

Most small businesses treat their websites like business cards. This is an egregious waste of potential. Instead of viewing a website as something you "have" to have, start using it to drive growth.

Traditional small business generally has to rely on word of mouth to grow the customer base, but the rules have changed thanks to the Internet and Internet marketing.

If you aren't already generating revenue via your web presence, it's time you adapted to take advantage.