10 Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies

Check out this list of ten great hyperlocal marketing strategies, by Carlo Pandian, that can help to drive local consumers to your site.

Local marketing techniques can also improve local SEO and help increase search traffic volumes from your own town. Whatever the type of business you happen to be running, having a hyperlocal strategy in place can prove enormously beneficial.

Web traffic & conversions

Everyone knows that in order to make more money online you either have to increase the volumes of website traffic, or increase conversion rates (or both).

How big brands get social media marketing completely wrong

Big brands, especially ones in trendy, fashionable industries should be killing it when it comes to social media marketing, right?

Actually, there's fairly obvious evidence that they are wasting a lot of money on social marketing campaigns that are not generating returns.

This is good news for smaller businesses that are prepared to use social media correctly, because it levels the playing field for those without endless budgets.

5 online lead generation ideas (that won't cost a thing)

For sales and marketing people looking to get more leads for their business, the Internet offers great opportunity wrapped up in some interesting challenges.

Inbound marketing strategies (ones that don't interrupt readers, unlike, say, banner ads) are proving to be more effective as the Web migrates to mobile enabled, content based marketing.

Capturing sales leads is no longer a case of securing an online advertising budget and plastering ads all over social networks, blogs, and industry websites.

Email Marketing (Complete Beginner's Guide)

Email marketing is a popular and effective online strategy for small businesses (as well as large corporates). Like all marketing strategies, email comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses - but it can also be dangerous for unwary companies.

The secret to online advertising

Online advertising can help businesses capture new leads and generate sales and revenue almost instantly - but only if they know the secret to effective online ads.

While online ads (in particular, PPC ads) have great potential, it is very difficult to know exactly how to create the perfect ad that reaches the right audience, at the right time.

Internet users are very good at tuning out marketing and advertisements, rendering them all but useless. So getting your online ads wrong, can end up sucking the marketing budget dry with very little ROI (Return On Investment).

How better UI Web design increased my conversions by 200%

Good UI (User Interface) design, on the Web, plays a vital role in helping customers understand your products and services, and can improve conversion rates dramatically.

Recently, I undertook to upgrade an existing website that offers tracking, analytics and market research services for retailers and publishers selling books and products via Amazon.

This market research site, RankTracer, was originally designed in 2006, based on osCommerce platform - anyone looking to design an eCommerce site today should instead consider alternative, market leading shopping cart software at Top shopping cart software, 2013.

3 top affiliate programs for WordPress

Finding the best affiliate programs to make money from your blog, or Web content, is easy if you work with WordPress and Web hosting/Web design.

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world, with a huge community of webmasters, bloggers and developers.

This makes it an attractive niche market for bloggers and affiliate marketers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to discussing Web design and Web hosting.

5 top mobile marketing strategies

Mobile marketing is set to become as important as traditional online marketing - probably more so, in the coming few years.

Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices are quickly grabbing online market share, so it makes sense to start looking at innovative strategies that you can put in place to ride the current wave of adoption.

5 ways to get bricks-n-mortar customers online

Here's the thing about moving traditional customers online; you have to find innovative marketing strategies and ideas to get them to migrate.