How to grow a small eCommerce site

The following guest post by Adam Green has some interesting tips on how to handle, plan for, and manage growth in your eCommerce startup - growing too fast can be a double edged sword.

Starting a business comes with all sorts of challenges, and becoming an entrepreneur for the first time is also a big personal challenge and learning experience.

But once you have successfully gotten a startup off the ground, what next?

5 top eCommerce website design tips

eCommerce website design plays an important role in building trust and authority with potential customers to ensure that an online store converts sales efficiently to generate revenue.

Unlike other types of website (blogs, for example), Web design in eCommerce sites plays a more direct role in the success of that online business, because the design impacts conversion rates and sales directly.

It's also important to note that when we talk about "Web design", we aren't referring only to the theme or template (i.e. the look and feel), but also the functional design, SEO, and performance.

eCommerce website builders vs. eBay

Is it better to build your own eCommerce website in order to create a sustainable company, or sell products directly through eBay?

While eBay allows retailers to start selling any type of product quickly and efficiently, it may be doing small business more harm than good - in the long term.

One of the main advantages of eBay, for sellers, is that it makes it very easy to begin selling stuff online. Domains, Web hosting, eCommerce Web development, and a host of other startup problems are non-existent for pure eBay retailers.

Free eBook: eCommerce

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How to sell stuff online

Selling stuff online is one of the best ways to make money from a small or home based business, because the Internet makes it just as easy to sell books as it is to sell electronics - or anything you like.

Sell other companies' products through advertising and affiliate links, or sell your own products through an eCommerce store.

This quick guide to selling stuff online will provide the information and resources you need to sell anything.