How to convert old HTML tables into responsive Web design

Mobile first, responsive Web design is something that can't be ignored because devices likes tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming the dominant browsing device of choice for the burgeoning millennial market.

Basic HTML for Internet entrepreneurs

Having a basic knowledge of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) can be a huge help for bloggers, online entrepreneurs, or anyone who might be asked to put a WORD document onto the company website (for example).

5 Web design fails (and how to fix 'em)

Good Web design is important for success online, but big companies implement bad design all the time. So, if you've been struggling to design a site then we can help you avoid some big mistakes.

How to handle 404 errors

Well managed 404 "file not found" errors can turn potential problems into great opportunities that help you get the most from Web traffic that might otherwise slip between the cracks.

Even if visitors are trying to find content that no longer exists, a good 404 error page can direct them to the information they are after and lead to a conversion - just like any other good landing page.

Makes sense right? Just because a visitor is after a non-existent page (perhaps they have been directed to a mistyped URL from another site) doesn't mean we can't try give them what they're after anyway.

How to integrate GetResponse into your shopping cart

One of the key factors in the success of any eCommerce site is great marketing - and email is one of the most effective of all Internet marketing strategies.

Growing a strong, valuable mailing list is something that must be built into the fabric of your eCommerce business right from the start - because it takes time to grow a good list.

Beautiful Web design (for beginners) with Google Fonts

Regardless of whether you have a blog or an eCommerce store, having a beautiful website will lead to an increase in conversions, because people trust professional looking sites more.

Even though there are a few examples where unattractive site design has not prevented a business from becoming popular, good Web design makes better financial sense.

So why not make the effort?

How better UI Web design increased my conversions by 200%

Good UI (User Interface) design, on the Web, plays a vital role in helping customers understand your products and services, and can improve conversion rates dramatically.

Recently, I undertook to upgrade an existing website that offers tracking, analytics and market research services for retailers and publishers selling books and products via Amazon.

This market research site, RankTracer, was originally designed in 2006, based on osCommerce platform - anyone looking to design an eCommerce site today should instead consider alternative, market leading shopping cart software at Top shopping cart software, 2013.

How to create inset text with CSS Web design (for beginners)

Inset text can make your Web design look beautiful, and while it is cutting edge, it's also super easy for beginners to implement using CSS and a bit of HTML.

Creating text with subtle shadows and shading, that gives the impression of depth, is a widely used Web design technique on many leading blogs and websites.

You can even see it in action in the SME Pals site name - and best of all, it uses lightweight, clean CSS instead of clunky, slow images.

Killer CSS3 Web design tips for complete beginners

"Want some awesome Web design tips to help make your blog or website beautiful, without having to learn CSS3?"

CSS3 is super easy to use (even if you are a beginner who's completely allergic to Web design and development).

It's also really good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), speed and performance.

You can read more about how and why CSS3 is a must for modern blogs and websites at How CSS3 can improve SEO and maximize conversions.

How to build a website for free with Weebly

Here's a quick step-by-step, beginner's guide to building a website (for free, or very little cost) using one of the world's best website builders - Weebly.

The reason I chose Weebly to create a website is because hosted website builders, like Weebly, are easier to use than alternative Web design methods for small business - such as content management systems (CMS).

For small and home business startups, or traditional businesses without solid Web design skills and experience, a good website builder is the natural choice to create a professional website quickly, and cheaply.