Business plan startup pack

Starting a new business takes a lot of time and effort, and much of the work you need to do is pretty standard stuff that applies to virtually all startups in your niche.

But there's also a lot of research work that is unique to your particular niche.

A business idea startup pack helps take a lot of the guesswork out of starting up by providing you with the information, research and resources (both general and specific) you need to get started .

Because startup packs are customized and specific to a particular idea, the research that goes into them, is specific to that idea's niche industry and target audience.

Top 10 genuinely useful desktop gadgets for your home office

If you are starting or running a work from home business then this list of the top 10 most useful desktop gadgets will definitely make your work life more productive.

I'm not a particularly tech gadget type person, and my work-space is a little on the bland side - but after researching office gadgets for this article, I'm definitely going to be investing in a few that will make my life easier.

So, whether you are running an eCommerce store from your garage, or blogging up a storm from a local coffee shop, this list should help you discover some cool, but practical, tech stuff.

8 must-have hi-tech office accessories

Here's a great guest article from Gavin Harvey that reviews eight tech gadgets that are really useful accessories for business, and around the office.

Utilising the right kinds of technology and in the right way is a fundamental part of getting most start-ups off the ground.

Crowdfunding scams, and how to avoid them

Here's an interesting guest post on crowdfunding by Janelle Pierce - with some examples of famous scams, plus some great tips on how to raise money or donate using crowdfunding.

In an age where we’re left chanting recession, recession, recession, it should come as no surprise that the internet, while infinitely useful, remains home to a large number of opportunistic hoaxers looking for a quick buck.

They’re more difficult to spot—no black mask or shuffling feet, no gloves to obscure fingerprints. Instead, they’re posing as teenagers, hopeful businessmen, and aspiring geniuses.

3 tips on how to use the cloud

Among their top 3 challenges, according to most business leaders, is the ability to keep pace with new technology - like the cloud.

Being able to understand what new technology offers and how to use it to increase productivity and maintain competitiveness is not easy, because technology moves moves faster than our ability to keep up.

Small businesses, in this regard, have a distinct advantage over larger ones, and we might well be entering an age where small companies start out-competing big ones because of technology.

How to improve your cash flow

A cash flow statement usually includes money flowing in and out of a company, but this article is full of ideas and tips to get more money flowing in.

Because cash is king for all entrepreneurs, SME/SMBs, and home based ventures, it is crucial that you can generate as much revenue as possible, as early as possible.

This article will look at a very simple sales forecast and provide plenty of great sales strategies, ideas and advice for you to incorporate into your own plans.

3 incredibly useful services you should try today

America's productivity is absolutely vital for economic growth, and there are a wide range of services (with free trials) aimed at helping SMEs be more productive.

But, as you likely know, it isn't always easy to find the really useful software, tools and services because every service advertises itself as the best.

And, it can be a risk to both your bottom line and productivity opting to change or upgrade your operations to take advantage of services based on newer technologies.

Why use a cloud based online phone & fax solution?

Small businesses need fast, reliable, and affordable communications (that cloud based, virtual PBX systems offer) in order to be competitive with larger companies.

Upgrading to a virtual office that is able to manage customer and client calls professionally, and from anywhere (via the cloud), at a fraction of the cost, is a huge advantage.

In the same way that data has moved into the cloud, so companies are waking up to the fact that cloud based phone systems can manage communications via a Web interface, at lower costs, with greater flexibility, reliability and call quality, from anywhere, at any time.

Why cloud based SaaS is right for your company

SMEs (and large businesses alike) are starting to make the shift to cloud based software, and online business Software as a Service (SaaS).

But, as with any change to the way in which companies operate, there are proponents and antagonists. Much like, I imagine, when the PC replaced the typewriter.

Just a quick point for clarity: I am using the term cloud based SaaS to refer to either cloud based software, or software as a service, or both, for brevity - not because one implies the other.

How to send an online fax

Sending an online fax for free is really easy using a convenient, cloud based service for business, like RingCentral.

If you're going to need to send faxes online on a regular basis, however, using a virtual service will set you back a few dollars a month.

But, a few dollars a month is well worth it when you consider how much faster, easier, and more powerful online faxing is.