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SME Pals offers an affordable way to target ads to individual content pages so that you can maximize click-thrus and enjoy an excellent return on your advertising dollars.

Cost effective advertising

Text ads

Embedded right into the content >> enquire now


Create a powerful message in 140 characters or less, including a text link, and place this in the middle of any article.

Inline ads offer a very high click-thru rate on targeted pages, so you can be sure you're getting plenty of bang for your buck.

Sample: 5 best small business ideas, 2013

Scroll down the article until you see the grey callout box containing a text ad (Hint: it's just below our social sharing block).

Our rates are very affordable, flexible, and are based on the number of pageviews an ad will generate - prices are approximately $20 per thousand pageviews with a minimum ad spend of $20.

Banner ads

A visual presence on targeted pages >> enquire now


Get people to take notice of your business or brand by enjoying our generous 336px x 280px banner ad space next to each article.

Enjoy a significant presence on precisely the pages you want to target in order to make your brand visible to our readers.

Sample: Home based day trader

Scroll down the page to see the large banner ad in the right hand sidebar (Hint: look just above our "Recent questions" block)

Our rates are very affordable, flexible, and are based on the number of pageviews an ad will generate - prices are approximately $30 CPM with a minimum ad spend of $20.

Why advertise with us?

Advertising that is focused to a laser point

Because we allow you to choose the pages that are most closely related to your own business, your ads only show to exactly the type of people you want.

While most other sites offer advertising space that may or may not be targeted in some fashion, SME Pals' ads are extremely well focused.

As a result, Web traffic generated by us has a much higher conversion rate on your site. Plus, we offer highly competitive rates, so your overall ROI (Return On Investment) is going to be a lot higher.

How we work

A simple process that delivers what you want

It's easy to publish ads to SME Pals. Simply click one of the "Enquire now" buttons and drop us a line. Tell us what you need, and we'll get the ball rolling from there.

The general process is as follows:

  1. Pick one or more page on which your ad should show
  2. Submit your page list along with:
    • the target URL of your website
    • the name of your business or product
    • 140 characters of text

Please note that we are happy to advise you on the best advertising strategy for you to implement based on the audience you need to reach, and your budget. After all, giving you great value for money means we retain more business.

Our audience and traffic

Meet your new customers

Here are some stats you might find interesting:

  • SME Pals receives 60% of its traffic from the United States
  • 70% of pageviews are longer than 10 seconds
  • We have excellent blog engagement with an average bounce rate of around 56%
  • Our traffic volumes double roughly every quarter
  • We have about 85% new visitors direct from organic search
  • SME Pals dominates some very competitive search terms like "marketing ideas for small business"