Tech that can make starting a company simple as pie

3 technologies that make startups simple

Starting a new online business can get expensive and difficult fast; unless you're using the right tools and technologies to simplify things.

Many entrepreneurs find their precious time being consumed by technical problems as they search for the right tech products and services to meets their needs.

Wasting time, money and energy on the wrong Web platform, bad hosting, expensive custom Web development and design, integration with accounting and payment systems, and other 3rd party tools for marketing, can massively increase the risk of failure.

This article will show you 3 widely used technologies that will save plenty of time, effort and money at the start, allowing you to focus on getting up and running and achieving growth and profits as early as possible.

1. Website builder

While it may feel like your new business model is so unique it requires custom Web development in order to function, it really doesn't.

The vast majority of Web based requirements for business can easily be met by any one of the leading website builders at a fraction of the time and cost of custom development work.

It's far better to meet 90% of your requirements with existing technology, and focus on customizing the last 10% than it is to pay for the entire site to be developed from scratch.

In fact, modern hosted website builders have become more popular with small businesses than content management systems. Why? Because they meets all your requirements in one convenient package - hosting, domains, server resources, Web design, eCommerce features, blogs, and everything else.

You can learn more about the leading website builders for SME startups at:

2. Cloud accounting software

Why join the millions of people using cloud accounting to manage their payments, tax, and payroll?

For one thing, it means that your accounts are available from anywhere at any time, which makes life pretty convenient.

But, more importantly, having your accounting software online means that it can be integrated into your payment systems so that everything can be managed automatically.

Leading eCommerce site builders like Shopify and Bigcommerce allow for integration with leading cloud accounting solutions like Quickbooks online and Freshbooks.

Not only that, but if you need to handle physical transactions via credit card, then these systems also integrate nicely with mobile payment readers.

Learn more at:

3. Email marketing

Whatever type of company you intend to run, maintaining contact with your clients and customers via email is really, really important.

The problem is that email is probably the single most spammed to death medium in the world. This makes it a challenge to even have your emails delivered without running into legal and technical problems - let alone actually being read.

It's all but impossible to set up any type of email marketing list or database without making use of software and services to do this for you. Actual list management itself (i.e. making sure the right people are receiving the right communications) can become unwieldy and time consuming without the correct IT tools in place.

Instead, save yourself a heck of a lot of time and use an online email marketing service that, like cloud accounting software, can integrate directly into your website and business processes.

Not only will the integrated email serve to streamline your email administration, but it also provides email design facilities that make it easy to create attractive, theme based emails that improve readability and conversions.

You can learn more at:

Making sure you incorporate these 3 technologies into your startup as early as possible will mean that the time and cost it takes to get to market will be significantly reduced.

Behind the scenes, these services continue to be developed and improved without further investment required from you, so you can be sure that your company will always be on the cutting edge of productivity technology.

What other tools and services are important for fledgling companies? Share your recommendations in the comments.

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