best web platform for seo

Which Web platform has the best SEO?

Choosing a blog, shopping cart or website with the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Web design can help startups, bloggers and small businesses generate more Web traffic and revenue as quickly as possible.

Web platforms that don't have the best features built-in can slow down the process of growing long term organic search traffic, because content won't rank as high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

This article will compare the performance of some of the leading Web design, CMS, online shopping cart, and website builders to help you decide on the best Web platform for your small business, blog or startup.

Comparing SEO for different Web platforms

Any entrepreneur experienced in Internet based businesses or startups will know that one of the most important requirements for online success is to start generating sustainable revenue as early as possible.

By ensuring that webpages are ranked as high as possible by Google search, small businesses, bloggers and startups can ensure they squeeze the most revenue out of the web as possible.

The comparisons below focus on demo profiles of each Web platform - since these are representative of the SEO of sites on these platforms. Note that while there will be differences in the profiles, every effort has been made to choose simple, lightweight examples to make things as fair as possible.

It's important to keep two things in mind when deciding which Web platform to use for your blog, startup or business:

  1. Some platforms have flexible features and can be drastically improved
  2. The less development required, the more resources can be focused on growing the core business

So, while it may be possible to improve the SEO of the Web platforms discussed below, it is important to understand that SEO can be difficult and time-consuming.

Ask yourself "Where do I want my precious resources focused during the fragile startup phase?"

eCommerce SEO

Overall, the eCommerce platforms included in this comparison had good search features. However, there is a tendency for some of them to focus on visual aspects of the page instead of trying to drive more organic search traffic.

RankSoftwareYSlowPageSpeedLoad Time
4Pinnacle Cart79812.16

Website builder SEO

As you'd expect, there is quite a range of features and performance for sites using online Website builders. Most website builders do a great job of providing top notch SEO.

However, don't get caught up in all the cool extra features and flashy design templates. These work to slow your site and alter your content's SEO so that ranking may suffer - stick to clean, simple interfaces and you'll be driving traffic in no time.

RankSoftwareYSlowPageSpeedLoad Time


CMS's (Content Management Systems) can be completely overhauled provided you have access to the source code (HTML, CSS, and PHP), and the knowledge and skills to go with the technical requirements. This table ranks the systems by their default configs.

Bear in mind that many other factors play a role in the performance of a CMS - like the quality of your Web hosting service.

RankSoftwareYSlowPageSpeedLoad Time

Have you worked on SEO in order to improve organic search traffic and drive business? Has the time and effort paid off? How high do you rate SEO for driving business online?

Share your Web design and development tips and experiences in the comments.

Basic HTML code for bloggers and newbies

Having a basic knowledge of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) can be a huge help for bloggers, online entrepreneurs, or anyone who might be asked to put a WORD document onto the company website (for example).

HTML is super easy to learn and we're going to show you how it works and then run through some of the more useful tags that will allow you to create hyperlinks, format an online document, and even embed media - like YouTube clips.

Web design mistakes that can be fixed (unlike spilled milk)

Good Web design is important for success online, but big companies implement bad design all the time. So, if you've been struggling to design a site then we can help you avoid some big mistakes.

Above all else, a clean, fast, responsive and lightweight theme is almost always the best option. And, using a top Website builder means you can avoid all these issues at the click of a button - without having to learn HTML and CSS.

Old HTML tables can be upgraded into a responsive design with CSS3 and media queries

Mobile first, responsive Web design is something that can't be ignored because devices likes tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming the dominant browsing device of choice for the burgeoning millennial market.

If you are one of those unlucky people to have built your site more than a few years ago, on a platform that used the old table based Web design paradigm, then you have two choices: