"When organizations like Disney and Google are talking to me about development & the Internet... shouldn't you be too?"

Solving problems that require innovative thinking backed by a diverse range of technical skills and years of experience.

Recent projects

3D Tracking

Developed an industry leading (proven in tests), custom built, object oriented PHP heuristic solution to the mTSP (Multiple Travelling Salesman Problem) using a hybrid ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) that incorporates entirely new and unique optimization algorithms.

It's not often you find an experienced programmer with a cum laude double major in applied math and math to build a complex vehicle routing solution that works in the real world from scratch.

Sample: Vehicle routing: solving the multiple travelling salesman problem with constraints

Subsequent to this article, I have shown that my hybrid ACO solution produces better results than existing leaders in this field.


Developed an online sports management tool for use in schools, universities and other organizations looking to leverage the Internet to improve communications with parents and students, and reduce administrative work - based on Drupal.

It's not often you find a consultant who actually wrote the book on a technology. I should know because I wrote the book on PHP and Drupal. Learn more by checking out my list of published books.


Consulting rates & options


Based in Cape Town, South Africa, I provide development, business, marketing, analysis and strategy consulting globally.

My standard consulting rates run between $125 and $300 per hour, and are negotiable depending on the requirements of the project.

I love working on interesting startup projects and have contributed to many, in various capacities. For the right projects, I am happy to consider a reduced hourly rate in consideration of a performance bonus or equity.

  • Basic retainer: for infrequent ongoing work, I can be contracted on to a basic retainer basis, which ensures that I am on-call and will work on your projects at my nearest availability
  • Premium retainer: for regular ongoing work, clients use me on a premium retainer basis, which ensures that precedence is given to your projects and that I dedicate more time to meeting your needs
  • Per project: if you're only going to need my input every so often, you are welcome to contact me and set up a per project agreement at a specified hourly rate (depending on the complexity and amount of work)

Technical skills

I have the skills to get the job done

  • IT strategy - I can save you a lot of time, effort and money if you come to me with project plans and ideas beforehand. The combination of deep technical knowledge and strategic, creative thinking mean I excel in this arena.
  • PHP - I am a knowledgeable and experienced PHP programmer and have a wide range of experience in different programming and development methodologies. Whether your code is a spaghetti mess, modular or OO, and you prefer iterative development over an agile scrum... I have seen it all. I co-authored both Beginning PHP5 and Professional PHP5 for Wrox and Wiley.
  • Social & Marketing - I regularly write articles and content that stirs debate and goes viral. I am a thought leader on social media and the future of marketing and driving business through social influence.
  • CSS, XML, RSS & HTML - I have over ten years of experience working with HTML and CSS as well as XML and RSS and other related technologies
  • MySQL - I have been involved with design and implementation of a number relational databases for a variety of different projects. I have a good understanding of relational databases and SQL in general.
  • Drupal and associated technologies - I have many years of experience working with Drupal and have designed and built many websites using Drupal - his preferred platform for web development. I authored a number of Drupal books and have great knowledge of the Drupal project as a whole.
  • CMS - While Drupal is definitely my forté, I am also experienced in virtually all of the major CMS platforms, such as Wordpress, Joomla, and even Scala,
  • SEO - I am an expert in Search Engine Optimization and have a deep understanding of the requirements and methodologies involved in optimizing sites for search engines.
  • Internet marketing - I am competent in all aspects of inbound marketing techniques including Analytics, Social media integration as well as PPC and so on. In particular I focus on helping clients generate powerful, engaging, and relevant content to produce long term, sustainable improvements in marketing and SEO.
  • Training and course development - I am one of the most experienced technical writers in the world today. I have contributed to books that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and have been translated into virtually every major language in the world.
  • osCommerce - I strongly advise against using osCommerce for new projects, but if you're already stuck I can definitely help
  • Other - I also have an encyclopedic knowledge of many different types of technologies, having worked on everything from shell scripting to .NET. So, even if your project is something obscure like setting up a Beowulf super computing cluster then it is quite possible I have some experience in it. Doesn't hurt to ask...