What's the best free tool to find the best SEO service?

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I'm looking for a top SEO service to help my business improve its Google page rankings. So many companies claim to be the best, and so many promise search engine results that seem too good to be true.

It would be a waste to pay the wrong company to do a bad or detrimental job on our search rankings. So, is there a free, quick and simple way to test whether a service is any good at search optimization and search marketing?

WooRank is a great free SEO tool to test any SEO company

WooRank is a free online tool that does a fairly comprehensive job of testing a website's optimization.

It includes metrics like:

  • Optimization basics
  • Content
  • Links
  • Keywords
  • Social monitoring
  • Usability

Most websites score in the 40s and 50s. SEO sites like SEOMoz get around 58. Huge sites like eBay score much higher at 77. Google itself clocks in at 83.

SME Pals, having some of the best optimization in the world, clocks in at just over 72 (impressive given that we aren't quite as big as eBay or Google), as shown here in this screenshot of our latest WooRank review:

SME Pals is a leading expert on SEO & performance

So, if you want to test whether an SEO service is in the same class as SME Pals, simply check the WooRank score of their website by typing their URL into the address provided on the front page.

Alternatively, you could enter your own website's URL and use their feedback to try fix problems yourself.