How to create a webpage for SEO & Internet marketing

How do you make a webpage that stands out from the crowd, drives and converts traffic and helps to boost your Google PageRank (PR)? It seems like there is so much to consider: SEO, page speed, internal links, backlinks... and the list goes on.

There are three main aspects to building a webpage that turns your site into an Internet marketing machine:

1. Define the target market

2. Create relevant and engaging content

3. SEO and social media integration

Any time you design a webpage, it should take the above points into consideration. Not only that, there is also an art to how best to present the webpage content to maximize conversions - in other words, get readers to take a desired action, like sign up to a newsletter, take a free trial of your product or service, or buy something.

Writing killer web content

In general, your webpage content should be:

1. Precise and to the point

2. Clear

3. Interesting and engaging

4. Focused and relevant

5. Enhanced with other media if and where appropriate

Make a webpage designed for conversions

Building a landing page, sell page, affiliate marketing webpage, or any other type of marketing material online takes quite a bit of time and effort to get right.

Fortunately, there is a rough formula, based loosely on the above principles, that you can follow to make the job easier.

By combining the Internet marketing criteria with the list of requirements for good web content with a visually appealing webpage design (including images and other media if necessary), it is possible to make the business requirement of creating effective landing pages a much easier job.

Sprinkle in a bit of analytics (visitor statistics) and you've got yourself a good system for driving and converting online traffic to meet your business objectives.

How to create a webpage without code, downloads or any experience

Rather than go through the design of a high converting, SEO and socially enhanced webpage from scratch, it's far quicker to use an existing service that handles all the underlying PHP, HTML, CSS, SEO, analytics, performance, caching, compression, hosting (and everything else) for us.

Weebly, and online site builders like it, provide an instant webpage design service for small business, Internet marketers and entrepreneurs that allows us to:

  1. Fill in pre-specificied chunks of marketing content
  2. Upload and manage images
  3. Select from a range of online marketing layouts
  4. Select from a range of SEO enhanced themes
  5. Select color schemes using point-and-click color palettes

By using a webpage designer with a focus on creating high converting landing pages, we are free to concentrate on our marketing message because all the technical issues are handled automatically and instantly for us.

It is now possible for a complete Internet novice to create high converting, SEO enhanced webpages that compete with big budget websites who hire teams of professional marketers and web designers.

Feel free to share any landing pages you create in the comments below...