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Get your brand noticed with highly relevant and targeted ads or content - and benefit from the association with a high quality business resource that is undergoing explosive growth in popularity.

Interested in publishing an article or press release to SME Pals?

Targeted advertising for high converting traffic

  • Get quotes based on current traffic with a minimum of $20 per page
  • Select additional months to take advantage of our rapidly increasing traffic
  • Your sponsorship ad displays every time the target webpage loads

If you would like to sponsor upcoming SME Pals articles and content, or request a custom, SEO targeted article for your brand, product, or services, get in touch with us using the site-wide contact form.

How it works

  1. Pick one or more page that you would like to sponsor
  2. Submit your page list along with:
    • the target URL of your website
    • the name of your business or product
    • 140 characters of text

Once we receive your request, we will submit a quote to you based on the number of pages and the duration you wish to sponsor a page for. In general, we quote between 1 - 2 cents per page view depending on the amount of advertising purchased (i.e. we offer greater discounts for larger ad spends).

Please bear in mind that we prefer long term sponsorships to avoid chopping and changing outgoing links. We will therefore give preference to customers who are looking for long term advertising relationships.

Once we receive payment, we will place the ad and submit for your approval. The ad will display every time the page loads in the same place to guarantee high performance.

If you have any questions, feel free to email David using our contact form for more information.

Why advertising with us is so effective

Because we allow you to choose the pages that are most closely related to your own business, your ads only show to exactly the type of people you want.

While most other sites offer advertising space that may or may not be targeted in some fashion, SME Pals' ads are focused to a laser point.

As a result, Web traffic generated by us has a much higher conversion rate on your site. Plus, we offer highly competitive rates, so your overall ROI (Return On Investment) is going to be a lot higher.

Sample advertisement

Sponsorship links appear embedded within our content. Here's a sample sponsorship link:

SME Pals - Tips, ideas & advice to help you start a business, get Web traffic & build a sustainable income!"

You can also check out some of our live ads on these popular posts:

Paid content & press releases

Got a message that you want to take to the world? Submit a paid article or press release and enjoy sustained, high value organic search traffic to your content.

Adding an original article or press release to SME Pals helps give your content a page ranking advantage that will drive highly relevant, and high converting traffic through to your site.


For once-off paid content, we charge $249, which includes an SEO edit and improvements to help increase page rankings and visibility.

For preferred clients (with whom we have established a relationship through regular usage), we offer a discounted rate of $219.

How it works

To submit an article or press release:

  1. Contact us to inquire about availability in our publishing schedule
  2. Include information about the article or press release (i.e. industry, niche, company, products, services, etc)
  3. We will confirm availability, and request the press release/article
  4. We will request payment and publish the article for your approval

Please note: We reserve the right to publish content to our site. We will only publish articles and press releases that are directly relevant to our audience.

Our audience and traffic

Here are some stats you might find interesting:

  • SME Pals receives 60% of its traffic from the United States
  • 70% of pageviews are longer than 10 seconds
  • We have excellent blog engagement with an average bounce rate of around 56%
  • Our traffic volumes double roughly every quarter
  • We have about 85% new visitors direct from organic search
  • SME Pals dominates some very competitive search terms like "marketing ideas for small business"