Top 10 online marketing tools & services for 2012 - 2013

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"Are you looking for online marketing services that can help to drive and convert traffic to grow your business in 2013?"

Small business, in particular, can benefit from the valuable insight, contacts, and cost savings these great online tools provide.

With fierce competition in almost every online sector, and the massive changes to SEO and search engine marketing over 2012, it is now more important for businesses to become dynamic and responsive.

Top 10 productivity tools

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"Want to discover great productivity tools that are helping business succeed in 2012 and beyond?"

Productivity tools can both streamline operations to reduce costs, and boost sales and revenue to maximize profits.

New productivity tools pop up and disappear on a regular basis, so it can be hard to decide which ones are genuinely useful to your enterprise. Which ones are popular? Which ones are innovative? Which ones are established and trusted?

How to design and print business cards

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"Did you know that business card design can directly impact the success of your organization?"

A business card is your brand ambassador so it makes sense to consider custom design vs. templates, print quality, size (dimensions), and so on.

It's also more than a piece of paper that displays your name and contact number. It can also be a powerful marketing tool that helps potential clients, customers or partners remember you and your company better.

The right card not only works to promote your company, but should also act as a tool, offering a convenient place to jot down notes and reminders.

5 top cloud based small business services

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Cloud services offer a range of great solutions for small businesses looking to increase productivity and efficiency.

Cloud based small business tools are springing up everywhere, and the chances are you are already making use of some without even knowing about it.

This article highlights some of the the advantages that cloud based tools offer as well as the most innovative ways to use 'em.

Top free tools to easily check the SEO of any page

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"Want to learn SEO like a pro using only free SEO tools?" "Want to know how to check if a company is any good before hiring them?"

"Tired of being taken for a ride by useless companies that promise the world but deliver nothing?"

Now you can fight back. Check out these great free tools you can use to quickly improve your own Search Engine Optimization or test whether your SEO company is 'exaggerating' their skills...

Internet marketing insights with Amazon sales rank tracking

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The Amazon sales rank is an hourly updated measure of the relative sales performance for products sold via Amazon. Tracking Amazon sales ranks can be used as a good indicator of performance in real time, as well as for powerful competitive analysis.

From an Internet marketing perspective, having a real-time record of the changes in an Amazon product's sales is incredibly useful for gathering intelligence on conversion rates and ROI (Return on Investment).

How to create a webpage for SEO & Internet marketing

How do you make a webpage that stands out from the crowd, drives and converts traffic and helps to boost your Google PageRank (PR)? It seems like there is so much to consider: SEO, page speed, internal links, backlinks... and the list goes on.

There are three main aspects to building a webpage that turns your site into an Internet marketing machine:

Using analytics to enhance your website

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At least initially, your website won't attract more than a few people here and there. Unless you have the bucks for a seriously good launch, you're going to have to build up traffic volumes over time. The best way to do this is by using a two pronged attack - content and links.

While you're building up traffic it also pays to analyze it carefully because this can help you determine what is and isn't working and how people are utilizing your site. The results can be surprising...

Your website could be blacklisted without your knowledge

Hands up; everyone who has started a new website and found that every now and then emails, sent via the website, do not get to their destination, or end up in the recipient's spambox.

Most people assume this is the natural state of affairs because something like 90% of all email is spam. Some emails are bound to get mistakenly blocked, right? This is true, but there could be a far more damaging reason and one you should check out as soon as possible if you haven't already...

5 of the most important things for SME webmasters

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In some ways it can be difficult to accurately quantify what the most important things are for any new webmaster. Different things are important at different times. Quick; think of the most important thing in your life. Right now. Say it out loud...

I bet you didn't say the toilet... but you'd miss it intensely if it wasn't there. Ok, a bit contrived, I'll admit. Still, I've compiled a short list of things I think, in general, everyone should make an effort to get a hold of if you want to make life a bit easier for yourself.