eCommerce website builders vs. eBay

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"Is it better to build your own eCommerce website in order to create a sustainable company, or sell products directly through eBay?"

While eBay allows retailers to start selling any type of product quickly and efficiently, it may be doing small business more harm than good - in the long term.

One of the main advantages of eBay, for sellers, is that it makes it very easy to begin selling stuff online. Domains, Web hosting, eCommerce Web development, and a host of other startup problems are non-existent for pure eBay retailers.

How small companies can beat big ones online

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"Are you wondering what strategies your small organization can use to beat big budget SEO and marketing?" If it seems like your company has no chance of competing against big companies online, then you should probably read this.

Big business tends to have large budgets for Internet marketing, SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and other advertising. But this doesn't only make them more competitive. It also makes them lazy.

Instead of eagerly looking for creative and innovative ways to improve their content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), Web design, search engine marketing (SEM), and social marketing, they start following procedure.

Why businesses fail online

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Many traditional businesses fail to generate revenue and profits - in fact, they often invest substantial amounts for very little return.

This makes company leaders reluctant to risk further investment. But why does this happen so often? Who's to blame? And, how can we change things?

All of us know of successful bricks-and-mortar companies that have thrown money at Web development, blogs, social marketing campaigns, eCommerce stores and failed to deliver any ROI (Return On Investment).

How social influencers can grow your business online

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Innovative online marketing strategies that aim to grow a business should incorporate networking with social influencers. This article will show you how.

Content and articles by social influencers regularly rank high up in the SERPs( Search Engine Results Pages) for highly targeted SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords and phrases.

High content rankings in search engines are, in part, due to the high number of incoming links arising from a person's reach and authority.

Since a sizable percentage all Internet traffic originates with organic search, this makes alliances with influencers an important part of building a business online, generating Web traffic, and making money.

5 top business ideas that use free stuff to increase conversions

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"Looking for some great ideas for business that incorporate free stuff (products and services) in order to generate trust, and improve revenue?"

Most consumers like getting free stuff (especially online consumers), so giving away a valuable free offering can help to drive traffic, generate buzz, earn trust, and make money.

This article will give you five great ideas for free product and service offerings that you can integrate into an existing business or use to help grow a startup.

How to promote your blog with social influence

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"Want to see how social influence can be used to promote your blog to drive more traffic and earn extra money?"

Social influence is a vital part of any blog, and influences everything from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and organic search traffic, to conversion rates.

Building plenty of social reach, authority and trust (collectively called influence) plays a direct role in how much money you can make from blogging. That's why it is so important to take social media opportunities when they arise.

Increase website traffic with long-tail Google keywords

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Proper SEO basics are crucial for increasing website traffic, but driving organic Google search traffic is one of the hardest aspects of blogging or small business SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Bigger, more established, websites seem to appear at the top of Google search results for all the keywords you target. Without great Google search rankings, its hard to drive traffic, making SEO a bit of a catch-22.

This guide will show how to find the right Google keywords to drive traffic to your website. Using this long tail Google keywords strategy will, ultimately, allow you to start competing for high competition keywords.

The magic ingredient: What to change about your blog and social in order to succeed

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If you're blogging regularly, using SEO, sharing content socially, sending out newsletters, marketing, and doing everything right without success, then I've got a magic tip that will turn things around.

The largest, and most successful blogs in the world all do one thing very well - they talk about other people, bloggers and businesses.

Talking about other people works. It really does.

Top five questions to ask your head of digital marketing and SEO

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about much more than introducing carefully selected keywords and phrases into marketing content to optimize for organic search; or build up backlinks to increase traffic.

The phrase SEO has become far more broad. It's now often used as a synonym for anything involving PPC, conversion optimization, analytics, social media, and a host of other activities.

How to build social influence

A list of some important characteristics of succesful social influencers

Ever wondered what characteristics make for a great social influencer? If you've been trying to build trust, authority and reach (collectively, influence) for your business then these pictures contain a lot of important lessons for you.

I guess I should point out that this list is not entirely comprehensive. Tenacity, intelligence, creativity and a whole lot of other things go into building a successful online presence.

Not getting your head stuck in a bucket is also important for anyone looking to become an influential person.