How to get online in 30 minutes

"Did you know that it's super easy to get your small business online in less than half an hour, without requiring any technical skills or knowledge, and for free?"

If you have an idea for a stratup, and would like to get a professional website (or eCommerce store) online, then now is the time to start.

With the economy showing signs of recovery, and website builders offering powerful, cutting edge Web development tools at very affordable prices (with free trials to get started), it's going to be the year of opportunity for small businesses on the Web.

List of the top Web hosting services with money back guarantees

Any top hosting company will be confident of retaining new clients because of the reliability and performance of their servers, along with their customer & technical support.

Because of this, leading companies often (but not always) offer a limited time money back guarantee to help mitigate any financial risk on the part of their potential customers.

Of course, this encourages clients to at least try out their services in the first place because they know they are entitled to a full refund.

5 quick online startup ideas

Coming up with great ideas to generate a decent stream of revenue is not easy. Millions of people have tried millions of things, and this serves to make the Web a very cluttered graveyard of failed initiatives.

The secret to starting a profitable and successful small business online is to get customers and clients as quickly as possible.

Like seedlings in a forest have to grow quickly to compete for limited sunlight, so online startups have to aggressively find new customers and clients to compete for sales and revenue.

How to start a small drop shipping site

Looking for a great home based startup idea to provide a secondary income (or primary, if it goes well)? Combine an eCommerce website with drop shipping facilities to lower costs and start earning from day one.

Drop shipping is a technique used by many home based and small business owners to fulfil orders and deliver products without having to handle warehousing, packaging and transport.

Instead, a drop shipping company takes care of this aspect of the business (often delivering directly from the factory), allowing you to focus on marketing and growing the store.

How to start a business (complete beginner's guide)

Starting any new business (big, small, home based, whatever) can exciting and fun; but it does require research, structure, discipline and persistent effort.

Two great startup ideas for entrepreneurs

"Are you looking for a great entrepreneurial idea to start your new business?" If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a small or home based business then the following ideas might be just the inspiration you need.

Over the years I have toyed with many entrepreneurial ideas. Some have worked, and some haven't.

Top 10 best home based business ideas to make money online

Home based businesses provide genuine opportunities to create a sustainable, profitable income in 2015 and beyond.

Marketing or selling through an eCommerce store, online shopping cart, blog or website brings great opportunity, as you'll see in my list of inspirational business successes later in the article.

Startup guide to effective PR

Getting great PR for your startup in the media, on social media websites and blogs is crucial to driving enough business to keep you afloat.

There are a range of skills and techniques you must learn in order to use your marketing and PR resources with maximum efficiency.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs tend to have limited budgets to spend on marketing campaigns, so it's important to identify those areas that are most likely to bear fruit early on.

In particular, efforts that create lasting and cumulative benefits such as blogging (for on-site SEO, organic search traffic, authority and PageRank) and building up social contacts (off-site SEO, marketing, business contacts) are important.

Marketing checklist for Internet startups

I've compiled a kind of SEO, social media and traffic building startup kit... for online startups. This assumes you aren't already rich, famous and popular enough to drive huge volumes of traffic with your name alone.

By spending a few hours ensuring that you have everything on this list set up and ready to roll, you can be sure to save yourself much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the weeks, months and years to come.

Most important qualities and skills required to run a website

Without doubt, running a website or converting a conventional business or idea into a website is one of the most multi-disciplinary tasks you can undertake.