5 best YouTube videos for online startups

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There's a stack of really mediocre instructional clips on everything from writing a business plan, understanding the science of marketing, or improving SEO and ranking higher in Google.

You could probably spend weeks combing through everything, but like most entrepreneurs you probably don't have the time.

That's why I've collected five of the most useful and important YouTube clips to help you get the basics right - especially when it comes to ensuring your business and website get the most from the Internet.

Startup jobs: Weighing equity vs. income

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Deciding whether to take a job working for a startup company is a decision that can lead to fabulous riches or years of wasted effort with little to show.

In short, it's a high risk decision.

So how what factors must be taken into account when working out how to take an offer?

This article lists six questions you should ask yourself before considering any job offer - to help ensure you get a fair deal and make the right decision.

5 tech startups you want to meet in 2014

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Often, by the time we read about tech startups, they have been around for a few years, have millions of dollars in funding, and are well on their way to becoming successful.

A lot of these startups also seem to be pretty gimmicky, right? They're a nice idea, but are they really all that?

I thought we could make a change and look at a few slightly more early stage businesses that aren't yet household names, but still offer genuine value.

5 great comparison reviews of leading services for startups

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Entrepreneurs inevitably find themselves faced with important decisions about which services and technologies are the best ones to meet the demands of their new business.

It can be a real tiresome chore sifting through the mountain of competing services to find the ones that actually deliver on their promises.

This can make, for example, a seemingly simple task like finding the right Web hosting service a frustrating and time-consuming ordeal.

3 tips on how to pitch a startup to investors

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I recently attended the final round of pitches for twelve early stage, local tech startups, and was privileged to witness a new generation of exciting and energetic entrepreneurs.

And while everyone there had already been through a few selection rounds involving applications, business plans and interviews, this was the first time there was real face time with all stakeholders.

The thing I was most impressed by, however, was how well the investors managed the process (to extract the information they needed to make their decision).

Top small business startup tips for 2014

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Every year the relentless march of new technologies and services aimed at startups changes the business landscape.

As an entrepreneur, or SME owner looking to expand, it's important to know about emerging trends & technologies (and services) in order to make the most cost-effective and productive decisions.

What's most interesting about 2014 is that it is a year in which two huge changes (cloud & mobile) start to reach maturity.

3 fun ways to make a bit of cash online

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Making money online can be a lot of fun (with the right business idea), even if it isn't as easy as most people would like.

To be clear, it's not that hard to come up with an idea that can make money, but it is hard to get your content, products and services in front of the right people at the right time.

There are millions of businesses, and many more spammers all trying their best to squeeze very last bit of revenue out of people using the Internet, so competition online is intense.

How to hire a small business startup team on a shoestring budget

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"Here's a great guest blog by Mike Hourigan about how to use small business software and services as your very own startup team - perfect for home or small business startups."

When you’re first starting out as a small business owner, the thought of hiring a startup team may seem as ludicrous as renting an enormous office space or dropping a cool mill on marketing.

Chances are that in the beginning, it’s just you, a laptop, and a dream.

But even startup solopreneurs are entitled to a little support. Luckily it's possible to wrangle an entire startup team without much startup capital.

How do you want to startup an online enterprise?

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Web based startups are not hard, provided you have a good business idea and the passion and determination to market it.

There is money to be made in almost any niche industry, but it does take a bit of time and effort to get established.

Fortunately, starting a blog or business online is quick, easy, and most often completely free (although there are generally small monthly costs involved down the line).

3 top home business ideas you can start for free online

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Starting a home business is a great way to earn extra income, and potentially end up working from home and making money online.

The problem is that many people are looking for work from home business opportunities, and this means there is a lot (and I mean a lot) of competition.

So it's really important that you pick the right business idea to pour your time and energy into from the start.