3 tips to kick-start your company's social media

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Social media marketing is one of those things that most entrepreneurs and small business owners wonder if they really need.

In general, my answer is yes, but I need to qualify that by saying that the amount of time, effort and cash you invest in social must be proportional to the returns you want (and can realistically achieve).

I serve on the board of a wonderful not-for-profit, registered charity, and we have utilized the tools and technologies provided by the Web, and in particular, social media, to drive visibility, engagement, and awareness that would simply be out of reach otherwise.

3 content marketing strategies that work like magic

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"Are you looking for some great content marketing strategies that will help to generate plenty of buzz around your blog posts and articles?"

Content marketing is not only important for getting your content read by other people.

One of its primary purposes is to help establish authority so that your content enjoys high page rankings and gets plenty of organic search traffic from Google.

Search influence vs. social influence

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The current buzzword in advertising and Internet marketing circles is "social influence", which strikes me as odd since search influence (content + SEO) is much more reliable and sustainable.

The phrase search influence is really a synonym for high page rankings in Google search results that drives plenty of targeted organic search traffic.

So someone with search influence would likely be able to get a piece of your content (i.e. a press release, blog post, or article) to the top of Google search by posting it to their blog or website.

How big brands get social media marketing completely wrong

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Big brands, especially ones in trendy, fashionable industries should be killing it when it comes to social media marketing, right?

Actually, there's fairly obvious evidence that they are wasting a lot of money on social marketing campaigns that are not generating returns.

This is good news for smaller businesses that are prepared to use social media correctly, because it levels the playing field for those without endless budgets.

5 reasons why sharing great content is an excellent marketing strategy

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Social media marketing is an important aspect of Internet marketing - especially for small businesses trying to grow their Web traffic, and social influence.

But getting the social marketing magic formula right, is something that businesses are really bad at.

Most people tend to focus their marketing strategy on trying to inform people about their products and services - this is not well suited to most social media networks.

Social marketing jobs decline amongst top online jobs

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Most people looking to work from home, work as a freelancer, or find a good online job turn to - the biggest online outsourcing marketplace in the world.

With seven million members online (including freelancers, work from home professionals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs), Freelancer is a mine of useful information about the online job market.

This article looks at which online jobs are booming, and which are starting to feel the pinch. As the title of this article suggests, the results may be surprising and a little counter-intuitive.

Why you're making a mess of social media

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"Does your small business have a social media marketing strategy that takes time and effort but fails to deliver a positive ROI (Return on Investment)?" Most small business Internet marketing campaigns are in the same boat!

If your business puts more time, effort and money into its social media than the returns warrant, then its time to take stock. Don't be afraid to make bold changes regarding strategy.

How social influencers can grow your business online

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Innovative online marketing strategies that aim to grow a business should incorporate networking with social influencers. This article will show you how.

Content and articles by social influencers regularly rank high up in the SERPs( Search Engine Results Pages) for highly targeted SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords and phrases.

High content rankings in search engines are, in part, due to the high number of incoming links arising from a person's reach and authority.

Since a sizable percentage all Internet traffic originates with organic search, this makes alliances with influencers an important part of building a business online, generating Web traffic, and making money.

How to promote your blog with social influence

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"Want to see how social influence can be used to promote your blog to drive more traffic and earn extra money?"

Social influence is a vital part of any blog, and influences everything from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and organic search traffic, to conversion rates.

Building plenty of social reach, authority and trust (collectively called influence) plays a direct role in how much money you can make from blogging. That's why it is so important to take social media opportunities when they arise.

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