Optimized Web design with CSS3

CSS3 provides fantastic opportunities for Web designers and webmasters to improve their Web page design as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The beauty of CSS3 is that it doesn't require anything in order to work. Just start using it in your webpages.

All modern, good quality browsers support CSS3 by default.

What's more, it can be generated using online tools like CSS Gradient Generator and CSS3 Generator.

Top 10 local SEO tips

Implementing local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques has become more and more important, from an Internet marketing perspective because, over time, Google has a built up a significant bias in favor of localized search results.

This makes it important to incorporate local search strategies into content, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), blogs, and any other media that is within the reach of search engines.

Free eBook: SEO

Small business SEO is a free 30+ page eBook, available in PDF format, that covers everything you need to know about search optimization in 2012 and beyond.

Written by internationally published technical author, David Mercer, this free eBook is a great companion for any startup or website owner.

With clear and concise information that takes readers right from the very definition of SEO, through to new developments in the online search world, changes at Google, the latest best-practice tips and tricks, and more.

"Small business SEO" will help anyone increase the volumes of highly qualified organic search traffic arriving at their site through a wide range of SEO techniques, including but not limited to technical, content, performance, and off-site SEO.

5 reasons why video blogging is great

Video blogging (adding clips to a blog) can help to drive traffic, lower bounce rate, increase engagement and conversions, and generally improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet marketing.

Video blogging also provides plenty of "different" marketing opportunities that written content can't - because it is a rich medium for communication.

Bloggers who rely on written content only may find their rankings in search engines suffering as Google continues to include more and more video results (especially from YouTube) in its organic search results.

The top five SEO services

Check out this list of the top five SEO services and companies for small business. Also included is an "Honorable mention" section for companies that offer great products and services, but didn't quite make it into the top five.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a complete suite of tools to help monitor and manage your content, to hardcore SEO analytic software for business, to top quality advice and consulting, this list has something to suit your needs.

Five awesome tips to extract valuable secrets from Google analytics data

Google analytics provides a wealth of valuable SEO data. But are you using it to its full potential to help create better content, drive more traffic and convert it more effectively?

It often helps to mine Google analytics data for SEO intelligence with a specific business objective in mind. The analytics and SEO tips covered in this article are all techniques I use to help me decide what new content to create, and whether or not my content is making an impact.

Drupal SEO

"How good is Drupal for SEO?" The answer: great Drupal SEO is easy to implement with the right strategy, information and modules. However, Drupal makes it easy to shoot yourself in the proverbial SEO foot at the same time, so you have to be careful. Fundamentally...

On-site SEO vs. off-site SEO

On-site SEO (Search engine optimization) and off-site SEO both use a set of techniques and tools to help improve a site's visibility by increasing the chances of it appearing higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Creating an SEO power page

There's two important factors that contribute to the popularity of a website from the perspective of a search engine; namely the quantity and quality of its content.

Must have Drupal modules for an SEO friendly website

Drupal has a number of contributed modules available to enhance its built in SEO features.

By adding and combining the features mentioned below, you can be assured that your web presence will compete well for attention from Google and other search engines.

It's important to get some of these modules installed and running early on as not all of them work retrospectively on existing content.