Why use a cloud based online phone & fax solution for your business

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Small businesses need fast, reliable, and affordable communications (that cloud based, virtual PBX systems offer) in order to be competitive with larger companies.

Upgrading to a virtual office that is able to manage customer and client calls professionally, and from anywhere (via the cloud), at a fraction of the cost, is a huge advantage.

In the same way that data has moved into the cloud, so businesses are waking up to the fact that cloud based phone systems can manage communications via a Web interface, at lower costs, with greater flexibility, reliability and call quality, from anywhere, at any time.

5 top mobile marketing strategies for 2013

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"Are you looking for great mobile marketing strategies to drive business in 2013?" Mobile marketing is set to become as important as traditional online marketing - probably more so, in the coming few years.

Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices are quickly grabbing online market share, so it makes sense to start looking at innovative strategies that you can put in place to ride the current wave of adoption.

The 3 best shopping carts for mobile eCommerce (m-commerce)

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Mobile eCommerce (or m-commerce, as many call it) is undergoing rapid growth in 2012, and only the best shopping cart software allows you to take advantage of this growing eCommerce market.

The way in which people access the Internet is undergoing rapid change as more and more people surf the Web on the go.

People expect simple, easy to use responsive Web applications that make it easy to find what they're after - and complete transactions.