How to create a webpage for SEO & Internet marketing

How do you make a webpage that stands out from the crowd, drives and converts traffic and helps to boost your Google PageRank (PR)? It seems like there is so much to consider: SEO, page speed, internal links, backlinks... and the list goes on.

There are three main aspects to building a webpage that turns your site into an Internet marketing machine:

Prettifying your website and posts with Flickr

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I get a lot of people asking me how those big, professionally designed websites always manage to have such great pictures.

Whether its a picture to go with a blog post, or a background image, or an image for an ad, it can be a real trial getting a suitable, high quality image. Well, it's difficult unless you know how.

Creating a perfect SEO enhanced webpage

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There's two important factors that contribute to the popularity of a website from the perspective of a search engine; namely the quantity and quality of its content.

Since most webmasters have limited manhours to devote to creating fresh new content, it becomes important to ensure that every bit of SEO juice is squeezed from what content is created. This is what has driven the growth and importance of SEO.

Increase visitor signup rates with intelligent web design

One of the most important aspects of operating a website is the ability to convert random traffic into customers or other registered users.

It's infamously difficult to get people to take a minute or two to register on a new site. After all, most people are already members of several social networks, they probably have accounts at at least one or two of the major retail sites and no doubt a smattering of other registrations. It's hard to convince them to sign up to yet another site.

Improve SEO with good page names, titles and headings

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A good page title, strong headings and an SEO enhanced lead paragraph can have a huge impact on the SEO and position in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Many websites and webpages naturally focus their energies on the immediately visible content of a page and there's nothing wrong with that.

Without doubt, what keeps a visitor glued to your page, is the content therein. The problem is that, almost inevitably, none of that content makes into a search engine result.

The tiny preview shown to potential visitors in a search result is therefore hugely important because that is what pulls people to a page in the first place. Makes sense then to ensure that all this information is relevant and meaningful to a human reader.

There are three main areas to focus on (aside from your META description, which is important and was discussed in an earlier blog):

Utilizing AJAX and Javascript to enhance websites

Virtually every major website uses Javascript to enhance the usability of their pages. Javascript, in the form of AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML), allows content to loaded or data to be sent without requiring a full page refresh.

There are plenty of examples of this, ranging from istockphoto's login form to Drupal 7's administration interface.

10 critical features of a good website

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What features makes a website good can be a really subjective thing. What works for one might be complete poison for another.

Regardless, there are certain general traits that the vast majority of websites require in order to be efficient, hassle free and good at what they do.

These features can be aspects of the site that make the administrator/owner's life easy, or they can be functional design features that make life easy for users.

Either way, if you haven't got them... get them!

Think your way to a compelling front page

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One of the most important things for any website is its first impression. You've no doubt heard about the research that shows that most people give a website approximately 3 seconds of their attention before striking out for greener pastures if nothing holds their attention.

While I personally don't put too much stock in this particular statistic, it does serve to prove a point...

People have a wide range of options to chose from when it comes to online services, products and content. It also costs them very little effort to hop from one website to another in search of the best content, service or product.