Money is the number one productivity tool for small business

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The biggest difference between entrepreneurs and business owners who succeed, and those who fail, most often lies in how they work with money.

Many people try to save as much cash as they can, preferring to work day and night on aspects of their startups on which they have little skills or expertise. Not a good way to do things - trust me, I learned the hard way.

The truth is, from a business perspective, that capital is actually a tool to grease the wheels and grow the business quickly. So, the most effective productivity tool you will ever have at your disposal is money - cold hard cash.

Business technology review

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Starting and running a successful small, home or online business these days means that you are going to have to rely on technology to handle most things - if not everything.

There isn't a single aspect of the modern business that doesn't have software, online software, cloud solutions, or innovative hardware and gadgets to save time, streamline processes, maximize efficiency, and save on costs.

The problem, especially for first time business owners, is knowing which technology is the right one for your company, and how to use it effectively to ensure that it provides value and/or good returns.

How to find the best products to sell online

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Small retail businesses and eCommerce sites need to consistently choose the best products to sell in order to maximize their profits.

But trying to find this information is not always easy, and there are plenty of "silver bullet" sites (and con men) that will try to make a profit by advising you to stock products that give them commission.

It's far better to be able to do your own research into which products offer the best value for money for your own customers and clients. After all, you know your business best.

3 top tips to prevent spam hacks on your company website

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There's nothing worse than finding out your business website has been hacked and is being used to send out bulk emails, spam visitors, or spread malicious software.

If it hasn't happened to you, don't fall into the trap of thinking that this scenario is something that happens to other people. Spam hacks are absolutely rampant.

Fortunately, the business model of spammers requires them, more often than not, to automate their hacks to seek out vulnerable Web servers and sites, because they have to do things on a huge scale to turn a profit.

How to earn more from your Web traffic

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If you have webpages that drive plenty of juicy Web traffic but don't make enough money, then check out our formula (with loads of tips and tricks) for converting traffic into sales and conversions.

I've seen webpages that generated millions of page views without displaying a single ad, email sign-up form, sales funnel, product sale, special offer, internal links, or any type of call to action.

That's not just bad marketing; it's a bad user experience.

5 best YouTube videos for online startups

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There's a stack of really mediocre instructional clips on everything from writing a business plan, understanding the science of marketing, or improving SEO and ranking higher in Google.

You could probably spend weeks combing through everything, but like most entrepreneurs you probably don't have the time.

That's why I've collected five of the most useful and important YouTube clips to help you get the basics right - especially when it comes to ensuring your business and website get the most from the Internet.

College course outline for Internet startups

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Being an entrepreneur is something that should be encouraged and nurtured in everyone from an early age - especially in a country like the U.S. where the economy relies on small business.

Every school and university should offer a range of courses designed to empower young people to take an idea and turn it into a profitable enterprise, with confidence and competence.

Sadly, most educational institutes seem intent on sticking to dry, academic curricula that might teach young minds how to think, but don't prepare them for the harsh realities of the real world.

How to create your own opportunities

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Isn't it frustrating that some people just seem to have that entrepreneurial knack - opportunities just seem to go their way again and again?

Is it because some entrepreneurs are just luckier than others, or are they doing something that puts them in the path of opportunity more frequently than the average person?

Regardless of what type of industry you are in, this article will highlight a few strategies you can use to find more opportunities, and take full advantage of them.

5 tips to survive without Google

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Organic search traffic from Google is so valuable that many businesses come to rely on it as their primary source of income.

And while it may seem that the sun will never set on high converting organic traffic from the search giant, you might want to think about what would happen to your enterprise if the flow dried up.

I've experienced both the frustration and despair of losing Google traffic to an unknown and unexplained penalty (only large, important businesses get the information they need to recover in a matter of days or weeks), but have also seen how other businesses have thrived without Google entirely.

What grumpy cat can teach you about creating a million dollar company

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In case you haven't already heard, there's a little kitty out there with feline dwarfism that earns more than you do.

Grumpy cat, according to Wikipedia, seems to be raking in millions of dollars, and this might strike you as odd given how difficult it is to start a successful enterprise these days.