Website & SEO audit

Failing to drive and convert traffic?

Find out how and where to improve your site's SEO

Avoid common pitfalls that could hurt page rankings

Audit deliverables

  • Analyze content SEO and provide feedback
  • Test website performance is optimal
  • Test HTML, CSS, JS configuration
  • Traffic analysis & strategy improvements
  • Check Panda & Penguin compliance
  • Conversion analysis
  • Identify site-wide SEO problems
  • Critique functional design and UX
  • Custom work to suit your particular requirements

SEO audit from a recognized Web expert

  • custom - focus the audit on any website or SEO aspects you want
  • functional design - how well does your site facilitate your business objectives
  • HTML & structure - is your site cleanly coded and functioning optimally
  • user experience and interface - is your site confusing, losing out on sales
  • conversion analysis - what shape is your marketing funnel
  • SEO - does your site take proper advantage of SEO for organic search traffic
  • SEO (Google Panda & Penguin compliance) - are you at risk of dropping off the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)?
  • marketing - are you socially integrated, is your content marketing properly targeted
  • competitive analysis - how are you competing against similar sites or businesses
  • Social & link analysis - are generating quality backlinks & reaching potential customers online

Report Attributes

Designed and developed by renowned technical author, David Mercer, our reports are structured in such a way as to be useful to both beginners and professional webmasters. In particular, we ensure that the report card and the feedback it contains is:

  • easy to understand
  • clearly presented
  • accurate
  • practical
  • useful
  • personalized & relevant

Quick, efficient site optimization

Drive and convert traffic into fans, followers and paying customers more efficiently. Improve the quality of all the major online components of your business - including site design and user experience, SEO, content and social marketing, conversions and more.

Developed by veteran entrepreneur and technical author, David Mercer, the Internet business report card brings together experience, innovation and strategy to provide you with a website audit that guides you to build credibility, reach and ultimately success.

We don't run automated scripts that tell you everything you already know; instead, you get a "human" analysis of your site with precisely tailored feedback to help you go from strength to strength.

Expert knowledge & advice

Armed with a comprehensive Internet business report you can focus your efforts into a tight beam to blast your site and business into the big time and increase revenue and cash flow.

Knowledge and skills empowerment like this is something you quite literally can't put a price on - it can mean the difference between failure and success.

Make sure you give your blog or site every chance of success by identifying strengths and weaknesses through our feedback, and acting on them today.