Website & SEO audit

Failing to drive and convert traffic?

Find out how and where to improve your site's SEO

Avoid common pitfalls that could hurt page rankings

Audit deliverables

  • Analyze content SEO and provide feedback
  • Test website performance is optimal
  • Test HTML, CSS, JS configuration
  • Traffic analysis & strategy improvements
  • Check Panda & Penguin compliance
  • Conversion analysis
  • Identify site-wide SEO problems
  • Critique functional design and UX
  • Custom work to suit your particular requirements

SEO audit from a recognized Web expert

  • custom - focus the audit on any website or SEO aspects you want
  • functional design - how well does your site facilitate your business objectives
  • HTML & structure - is your site cleanly coded and functioning optimally
  • user experience and interface - is your site confusing, losing out on sales
  • conversion analysis - what shape is your marketing funnel
  • SEO - does your site take proper advantage of SEO for organic search traffic
  • SEO (Google Panda & Penguin compliance) - are you at risk of dropping off the SERPs (Search Eng