Increasing website traffic and conversion rates for maximum profit

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Everyone knows that in order to make more money online you either have to increase the volumes of website traffic, or increase conversion rates (or both).

The problem is knowing which area to focus precious resources (manpower and finances), because some marketing strategies may produce better returns than others.

It's important to analyze each aspect of your site's revenue stream in order to identify and improve specific areas that will bring about the greatest increases in profits.

Crowdfunding scams, and how to avoid them

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Here's an interesting guest post on crowdfunding by Janelle Pierce - with some examples of famous scams, plus some great tips on how to raise money or donate using crowdfunding.

In an age where we’re left chanting recession, recession, recession, it should come as no surprise that the internet, while infinitely useful, remains home to a large number of opportunistic hoaxers looking for a quick buck.

They’re more difficult to spot—no black mask or shuffling feet, no gloves to obscure fingerprints. Instead, they’re posing as teenagers, hopeful businessmen, and aspiring geniuses.

How big brands get social media marketing completely wrong

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Big brands, especially ones in trendy, fashionable industries should be killing it when it comes to social media marketing, right?

Actually, there's fairly obvious evidence that they are wasting a lot of money on social marketing campaigns that are not generating returns.

This is good news for smaller businesses that are prepared to use social media correctly, because it levels the playing field for those without endless budgets.

3 tips on how to use new technology (the cloud) for business

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Among their top 3 challenges, according to most business leaders, is the ability to keep pace with new technology - like the cloud.

Being able to understand what new technology offers and how to use it to increase productivity and maintain competitiveness is not easy, because technology moves moves faster than business' ability to keep up.

Small businesses, in this regard, have a distinct advantage over larger ones, and we might well be entering an age where small business starts out-competing big business because of technology.

Yahoo! small business advisor highlights Google's poor quality search results

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Small businesses that make use of content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase website traffic from organic search results need to understand Google search's limitations.

While Google advises everyone to create unique and original content that is focused on their particular audience (i.e. what I call good SEO practices), it doesn't always keep it's implied end of the bargain.

Great content that is relevant and engaging for a niche audience should, assuming no major problems, generate at least some valuable organic search traffic that can be converted into leads, sales and revenue.

How do you want to startup an online enterprise?

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Web based startups are not hard, provided you have a good business idea and the passion and determination to market it.

There is money to be made in almost any niche industry, but it does take a bit of time and effort to get established.

Fortunately, starting a blog or business online is quick, easy, and most often completely free (although there are generally small monthly costs involved down the line).

3 high impact SEO tips for small business

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Because SEO plays such a vital role in online business, a few practical optimization tips can help improve your page rankings, and increase website traffic and earnings quite easily.

Optimizing a website for search can mean the difference between success and failure online.

At the very least, great search optimization will prevent Google from lowering your page rankings leading to a drop in Web traffic.

But because SEO is so important, many small businesses tend to get bogged down in highly technical SEO issues - instead of concentrating on high impact SEO strategies that may well be easier to implement.

How to increase website traffic reliably

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"Want to see how we increased our Website traffic using a variety of sustainable SEO & marketing strategies, and how much money that Web traffic generates?"

All bloggers and small business websites need to increase their website traffic in order to grow profits - regardless of whether revenue comes from ads, affiliates, or sales.

But because Web traffic is the most valuable commodity online - it's effectively the currency of the Web economy - it's not always easy to come by.

3 top home business ideas you can start for free online

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Starting a home business is a great way to earn extra income, and potentially end up working from home and making money online.

The problem is that many people are looking for work from home business opportunities, and this means there is a lot (and I mean a lot) of competition.

So it's really important that you pick the right business idea to pour your time and energy into from the start.

3 best niche, online business ideas

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Starting a successful small business online requires a great, niche idea that allows you to focus your passion and energy to a laser point.

A focused business idea allows you to concentrate your energy into driving targeted Web traffic that will convert well, and generate a steady stream of revenue.

This article highlights three niche business ideas that will hopefully inspire you to start your own small or home business, and make a decent living online.